Editorial: Nuremberg Interzoo 2018

As always we’ll try to give you the more detailed informations we own.

Now it’s the turn of Massimo Morpurgo, administrator of the aquariums at the Museaum of Natural Sciences of Bolzano.

Massimo Morpurgo and the Interzoo 2018

The Interzoo it’s always a very interesting experience! It’s very huge: this year there were more than 2.000 exhibiting companies distributed in 13 pavilions. I visited the fair, sent by the Museaum of Natural Sciences of Bolzano, on Wednesday 9th May in the afternoon and on Thursday 10th from the opening at 9 a.m. to half afternoon, when I had to take the train and come back to Bolzano. So I have been in the fair for a bit more than 10 hours. It’s too little. It’s impossible to see everything. So I obviously had to set my priorities.

Interzoo 2018: Lumaz intento a scattare una foto allo schiumatoio gigante dello stand Tunze

With the list of the exhibitors I choose to visit first the producers of LED ceiling lights for aquariums with high water column (1 meter and over), so appropriate for the expositive aquariums of the Museum. Then I visited some skimmer and pumps producers and I had the occasion to talk even with the designers, and to highlight some technical problems I observed in the equiment at the Museum. I received informations and support.


Gramma dejongi

Gramma dejongi

I have been told that in the future the european directives are going to impose, for security reasons, the production and sale of returning pumps and 12 Volt skimmers exclusively. Moreover, I noticed that different companies have developped mechanical roller filters in paper, that until a few years ago were proposed just by a couple of producers. According to me, it’s a very comfortable and efficient system of mechanical filtration that, differently from other mechanical filters, allows to move automatically the organic remaining from the water, before it starts to mineralize and produce ammonia.

Francesco Guarnieri and Massimo Morpurgo with DaniReef and HkK.2003

The fair, moreover, is the perfect occasion for meeting personalities of the worldwide aquariology. For example, it was a pleasure for me to meet Julian Sprung, that is the author of a lot of books and articles, passionate aquarist, photographer, appreciated lecturer and entrepreneur, and a very open person with who is a pleasure to speak and share opinions.

Julian Sprung con HkK.2003 e DaniReef

Julian Sprung with HkK.2003 and DaniReef

At the end, like in every other edition of the Interzoo, I was amazed by the tank of corals of De Jong in which there were, among the various species, even numerous  Gramma dejongi, a caribbean fish found out by Arie De Jong and that was dedicated to him in 2010.

Finally there are the considerations of Federico Turato.

Federico Turato HkK.2003 and the Interzoo 2018

And even this time we’re at the end of the fair. It’s my second Interzoo, and I had to get ready at the very last moment, also with some problems with the lens of my camera, and I’m sorry for the absents, but it was a beautiful experience.

A beautiful exhibition, a nice welcome by the exhibitors (at exception of a few that didn’t dedicate us even a minute), but most of all a lot of laughs with friends during all the day. But if I think about my first rodeo in this kermesse, I have to admit that I haven’t been impressed by any particular booth, but by certain details noticed among all the booths.

Stand OceanLife

particular of the OceanLife booth

Starting from the bacteria in powder by Oceanlife for the colonization of the dsb bottom, continuing with the planarians trap by Preis until a presumed biological competitor of cyan bacteria presented by EasyLife. Aquamedic presents a product for balling with pH control, while Easy Reef finally released its phyto gel, diluted for nano aquariums.

Reattore per fitoplancton e zooplancton allo stand Easy Reef dell'Interzoo 2018

Reactor for phytoplankton and zooplankton at the Easy Reef booth at the Interzoo 2018

It should be dedicated a part just to the wide varieties of feed for fish and corals, but I’d lie if I didn’t admit that I was impressed by the tank of De Jong Marinlife.

It’s not necessary to add that everything I saw made me want to expand my nano aquarium for experimenting that amazing technique I cannot use because of the dimensions of my acquarium. The hard part will be convincing my wife!

Soon, article by article, we are going to create a list (linkable to this page) that will directly bring you to the booths and the articles that you want.

Good reading!

All the booths at the Interzoo visited and commented by us:


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