Interzoo 2018: Aquatronica, Black Box and pumps’ flow rate Control

Interzoo 2018: Aquatronica in versione CloudAquatronica comes back at the Interzoo with many ideas and many new projects for the future, starting with the Black Box and coming to a completely new measurement device for the flow rate of the pumps.

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As you know Aquatronica is, actually and historically, the most structured company in Italy that provides computers for aquariums. These computers can monitor, analyze, control almost all the features of our aquarium. I always liked this project, as I testified with my review of the first version of the product (italian review), dated 2007, 11 years ago.

After some difficult year that lead to the absence at the Interzoo of 2014, Aquatronica is coming back in style and it’s on the mouths of the interested.

If you remember, or if you read my review, the system was around a display that, connected to the power unity, controlled the various sockets and took inputs from the other probes. At least in its simpler version. The display became touch some years ago and it’s more beautiful to be seen and touched. The operative system is new and different from the previous ones.

Interzoo 2018: Schermo Touch Aquatronica

Touch Screen Aquatronica

Aquatronica Black box

But the production is always in evolution, and Aquatronica developed also the Black Box, on sale already since many years. It’s a central unity without screen. In this way there’s a saving on a component that, after the boom of the smartphones, could be considered obsolete. You can connect by smartphone or tablet in order to take control of the system.

A completely different world in comparison to the one in which Aquatronica was born over 10 days ago. And congratulations to Massimo Brandi for the new way he has taken, and that we like and support very much.

To be clear, the Touch system still exists and it’s regularly available. The Black Box is just another modality of the “Aquatronica” system. Every aquarist can choose the system that suits better.

Interzoo 2018: Black Box Aquatronica

Black Box Aquatronica

You can see the result of the Black Box in the picture in the opening. You can obtain the same with the touch screen. The difference between the two systems is only in presence of the touch screen.

Always connected with Aquatronica

There’s the possibility to have Aquatronica connected to Internet. A non-essential feature to the system, but it allows to control your own aquarium from everywhere you are. You only need an internet connection. This characteristic offers other scenarios, like the opportunity to make a shopkeeper, that has access to our control panel, “control” our aquarium.

Aquatronica Flow Sensor – flow rate meter ACQ330

A new improvement is the new flow meter and liter counter. That is a group of meters (6 for now) that allows to measure the flow rate of a pump inside a pipe. A very useful function for many purposes. It can take care of the test of the real flow rate of the pump, of the micrometric set of the pump depending on the necessities, of eventual allarm signs due to malfunctions.

Interzoo 2018: Misuratore di portata ACQ330 di Aquatronica

Flow meter ACQ330 by Aquatronica

As we have said the meters are six:

Codex Minimum detectable range Maximum detectable range
ACQ330-DN6 30 l/h 600 l/h
ACQ330-DN8 50 l/h 900 l/h
ACQ330-DN10 120 l/h 2.400 l/h
ACQ330-DN15 210 l/h 3.000 l/h
ACQ330-DN20 300 l/h 5.000 l/h
ACQ330-DN25 550 l/h 9.000 l/h
Interzoo 2018: Misuratore di portata ACQ330 di Aquatronica

Flow meter ACQ330 by Aquatronica in function in a test tank

The difference is based on the diameter of the pipe in which it will be set. Here above you can see it in action.

Aquatronica EVA – Easy Value Analyzer

Interzoo 2018: Aquatronica presenta EVA: Easy Value Analyzer

Aquatronica presents EVA: Easy Value Analyzer

Another interesting product is EVA. An acronym for Easy Value Analyzer. A stand alone product that will allow us to control the parameters of the water, but without the control function given by the complete Aquatronica system.


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