Interzoo 2018: we met OASE and its interesting products

Interzoo 2018: lo stand OASEWe have already met OASE during the PetsFestival 2017, but at time the company was focused on pounds and carps, but at the Interzoo a large part of the booth was dedicated to the aquarium, with beautiful tanks.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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The OASE‘s booth was among the biggest ones of the Interzoo, and  some tanks with Koi carps dominated the place. For us Italian there will be another occasion to see and meet OASE, during the PetsFestival 2018.

OASE was born as a company specialized in technique, so that the first product they wanted to show us has been their external filter for fresh water aquariums.

We were referring to the Biomaster Thermo 600. An external filter that incorporates the baskets for the biological and mechanical filtration and a heater. The flux can be regulated and there’s a system for the disconnection of the hydraulic circuit when you have to open the filter to clean it. As you can understand from the name, the number stands for the volume of the fresh water aquarium that it can manage. The filter measures 24x24x48 cm.

The filter has a volume of 6,8 liters, with 0,6 liters of pre-filter. The flow rate is of 1.250 liters at zero hydraulic head. And the consumption is of 22 watt.

Interzoo 2018: Il filtro Biomaster Thermo presso lo stand OASEAs you can see from the pictures the filter is simple to be opened and used, and appears to be, aesthetically, well thought out.

Obviously the filter is available in other ways in order to manage various aquariums with different capacities.

The aquariums were very beautiful and we don’t talk only about the aquascapings, but the aquariums were very beautiful to watch in themselves, with pieces of furniture that can be integrated in every environment.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

Here below we can see an aquarium with the external filter BioMaster. Notice the order of the entire system and the practicality of the solution.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

Another beautiful aquarium here below with african cichlids, even if the lighting was a bit too scenography for our tastes.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

Much more better from a close view and with the right colors.

Interzoo 2018: I ciclidi africani in un bellissimo acquario OASE

Beautiful also this big aquarium.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

And this little bonsai too.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

And from a lateral point of view we could see some Rasborines.

Interzoo 2018: i bellissimi acquari OASE

But the technical care of OASE doesn’t stop here, with pumps and aquariums, there’s even an important section dedicated to LED lighting.

Interzoo 2018: Iluminazione a LED presso lo stand OASE

We’re talking about led bars with hooks estandable on the edges of the tank, and chassis in aluminum that better passively disperse the heat.

Interzoo 2018: Iluminazione a LED Highline Premium LED 100 presso lo stand OASE

At first sight they seem well constructed.

Interzoo 2018: Iluminazione a LED Highline Premium LED presso lo stand OASE

And, finally, we couldn’t leave you without showing a picture of the huge filter for pounds.

Interzoo 2018: Un enorme filtro esterno presso lo stand OASEHuge is the right word, isn’t it? And from the technical point of view it’s well built and with practical portholes to see at the inside.

The part about the aquariums is over, but we fell in love with the Biorb, spherical tanks that can both aquariums or terrariums, in order to grow beautiful plants.


For further informations about OASE and its products we send you to the official websites. We invite you also to read our Editorial about the fair to know our point of view on the Interzoo 2018 and to consult the links of the articles dedicated to the booths we’ve visited until today:

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