Interzoo 2018: the gorgeous aquascapings at the Equo booth and the new Probact

Interzoo 2018: Il magnifico aquascaping di Roberto Fortuna e Roberto Bielli presso lo stand EquoThe Equo booth was gorgeous this year as well. Maybe because I like orange, maybe because the aquascapings were as splendid as usual, but strolling around the booth is always enjoyable.

Amtra offerte per acquario

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The italian company, specialized in both marine and freshwater aquarium products, exhibits an expanded booth as compared to last exhibition. With more aquariums, I mean, aquascapings, to see. And with all of their products, perfectly aligned, in quite an impressive layout.

But before we can talk about the new products and the beautiful aquascapings, we have to offer our most sincere wishes to Mauro, Equo‘s owner, and Natasha, his wife, for their daughter’s arrival. Best wishes from all of the DaniReef staff.

Equo probact –  probiotic complex of bacteria

The new product Equo offered in Norimberga was Equo ProBact. We’ve been speaking about it for a lot of time, and it finally arrived. It’s efficient both in a freshwater and a marine environment, made of a probiotic complex of selected bacteria unions.

Interzoo 2018: il nuovo Equo probact - complesso di batteri probiotici

It is available in 5 ml vials, and it’s extremely useful because it synthesizes group B’s vitamins, used by the cellular metabolism of non pathogenic bacteria. It manages to be effective in every kind of environment, since it metabolizes pollutant substances and makes them usable for bacterial strains which make up the nitrogen cycle. This way the depurative performance and the anti-fouling function are optimized. In the same way, the bacterial metabolism is improved, and thanks to this the biodegradation speed as well, so that the decrease of the oxygen dissolved into the water can be avoided.

Interzoo 2018: il nuovo Equo probact - complesso di batteri probiotici

And to finish off, it synthesizes and releases some molecules that have shown, as Equo claims, an antiviral and antibiotic action.

As we said, the products were all present scenically, as you can also see from the following picture.

Interzoo 2018: i prodotti Equo

The Aquascapings

Equo has been working for years with Enrico Fortuna and Roberto Bielli, two internationally known aquascapers who contributed in creating the works of art exhibited in the booth.

The one we saw at the beginning, which we’ll report to follow and which you can admire in our 4K video at the bottom, was the subject of a live workshop from the two aquascapers.

Interzoo 2018: Il magnifico aquascaping di Roberto Fortuna e Roberto Bielli presso lo stand EquoIts curb appeal is noteworthy. Plus, I really appreciate the juxtaposition with the orange, which makes the whole installation stand out more than a little.

As we said, all the credit goes to Enrico Fortuna and Roberto Bielli, with the collaboration of Balbi Vaquero and Pawel Mielniczek as well.

On the side there were also some very beautiful and characteristic small aquascapings prepared by Roberto Bielli.

Very different, but all pretty beautiful in my opinion.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand Equo

The 4K video of the exhibited aquascapings

Finally, we cannot fail to leave you the amazing video that shows all of the exhibited aquariums.

Enjoy! Since it’s in 4K, my advice is to watch it in 4K fullscreen mode.


For more information about the Equo products you should check out their official website and the news website and we invite you to read our Editorial about the exhibition to learn about our point of view about Interzoo and to get the list of all the other booths we have visited and commented to date:

Mauro from Equo with DaniReef and HkK.2003

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