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Interzoo 2018: meeting John Ong at Skimz’s booth

DaniReef with John Ong at Skimz’s booth

Also Skimz was at the Interzoo, even if its booth was less big in comparison with the previous editions.

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It’s always a pleasure meeting John Ong that presented us the booth, even if the news were the same of the CIPS of Shanghai (article), and we remind you the new balling container.

In fact this year Skimz has brought on show the container for the Balling (article), and the pumps we’ve presented during last year (here the article in italian), in addiction to the reactor for macroalgae (here the article in italian).

As you can see in the following picture the products on show belonged to different categories, since they’ve decided some products for each category. Like two years ago, a sump thus prepared is very appealing.

Interzoo 2018: i prodotti SkimzThe skimmer was another interesting thing of the booth: it showed Skimz‘s attention towards the big systems and public structures. I think that no one of us hobbyists needs a skimmer like that, with a much greater volume than the domestic tanks.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand Skimz

Interzoo 2018: lo stand Skimz Interzoo 2018: lo stand Skimz

It would be nice to visit Skimz in Singapore, who knows if sooner or later we will.

Now we have knows that Skimz products are distributed in Italy from AGP, so wait to have some products ready on the shop..


For further informations about Skimz and its products we send you to its official website. We invite you also to read our Editorial about the fair to know our point of view on the Interzoo 2018 and to consult the links of the articles dedicated to the booths we’ve visited until today:


John Ong di Skimz con DaniReef
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