Interzoo 2018: Sicce presents all kinds of new pumps

Interzoo 2018: stand sicce 2018Some days ago we started with our editorial about Interzoo 2018 (you can read here) and today we are talking about the booths we have visited. Let’ start talking about the very italian Sicce that presented  plenty of new pumps in every field.

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Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

Greeted by Gloria Ceccon we could appreciate a very nice booth in 2018 version, of which you can see a picture above. It was not easy to choose the opening picture, wheter to point on products, people or one of several pictures of the booth. Indeed the place was enormous, even if shared with Seachem of which Sicce became distributor in Italy a few years ago (here the presentation during Sicce Open House), and the layout Matrix-movie-like, from Wachowski brothers, made me crazy.

Of course we are not here only to talk about the architecture of the booth even if beautiful, but we want to show and introduce to you all the new products that were presented.

New wave pumps Sicce XStream SDC

We begin explaining and showing you the new wave pumps Sicce XStream SDC, which have developed the idea of the Sicce XStream-E (review) we talked about three years ago.

Pompe di movimento Sicce XStream SDC

Updated with the same new controller presented with wave pumps and return pumps, they are very improved compared to the old version.

Technical features of Sicce XStream SDC

   Italian Version US Version
Voltage  12 V  12 V
Flow rate  1.000 – 8.500 l/h  270 – 2250 US gph
Reccomended tank size  30 – 600 litri  8 – 160 US gal
Max consumption  12 watt  12 watt

Pompe di movimento Sicce XStream SDC

Basically the dimensions and workmanship are the same of the previously mentioned Sicce XStream-E, and so the maximum flow rate. While the minimum flow rate changes from 3.000 to 1.000 l/h making this pump more versatile. Moreover the main difference is the introduction of the new logic and the new controller, and not to forget a lower power consumption.

So the possibility to operate through cloud is added, and a better way to manage your own pumps is possible. As a bonus, it’s possible to have a temperature sensor, constantly measuring the water’s temperature, included in the pump itself.

The family of return pumps Syncra SDC is growing

Together with the 7.0 (here our preview) and the 9.0 here comes their younger sister, Syncra SDC 6.0.

Pompe di risalita Sicce Syncra SDC

We are talking about a return pump with a flow between 2.000 and 5.500 l/h, 24 volt, head max between 1 and 3,5 meters and power consumption between 10 and 40 watts.

Pompe di risalita Sicce Syncra SDC 5.5In their booth, Sicce placed the three pumps in three small tanks to show  their powers in comparison, as we can see in the following picture:

Pompe di risalita Sicce Syncra SDC a confrontoOf course the 6.0 inherited the ContrAll of its older sisters and it takes advantage of the control trough cloud and all the settings you can do with it.

Here the second part of this article with skimmer pumps, return pumps ADV and more pictures.