Interzoo 2018: Vertex with a new distribution in Italy and Apex

Inside the great booth of DeJong MarineLife that we’ve already seen (here), there were both Vertex Aquaristik and Neptune Systems.

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Vertex Aquaristik

Let’s start with Vertex Aquaristik. Since when ReefLine stopped it some years ago, no one took the distribution of the Vertex brand in Italy. Its presence at the Interzoo inside the booth of DeJong MarineLife is justified because it’s actually distributed in Europe by the dutch distributor.

So we had the occasion to talk with Flavio Inzirillo at the Vertex booth who assured us that soon it will restart the distribution in Italy thanks to Funhobby. Funhobby, that we didn’t know, will be take care of Vertex Aquaristik and Somatic brands in Italy, and this will guarantee also the warranties and the spare parts that we struggled to find. Moreover, we know that Funhobby will be present at the PetsFestival 2018 in october in Piacenza, and which better occasion to get to know it?

Flavio Inzirillo of Vertex with DaniReef

During the fair there weren’t any news by Vertex-Somatic but we could admire some flagship products anyway.

The sump Vertex is always great, beautiful at the sight and very practical, maybe its only problem is that the central compartment is a bit small. But this beast you see was very huge and inside there was the Vertex Omega 200.

Luckily, under my aquarium I have the Vertex Omega 180 (review) and I couldn’t be more satisfied, considering even that it’s too powerful for an aquarium of 400 liters. So I can’t imagine how much more powerful can be a Omega 200.

But, leaving aside any technicality, I find it very beautiful.

Always on show in the booth there was a very large zeolite reactor.

We can’t wait to see again the products in the shops, we’re very happy about the news.

The Neptune Systems corner

Therence Fugazzi of Neptune and the wife Nancy with DaniReef

As you can see from the picture, with the very nice Therence (here his conference about the management systems at the Mace of Rimini in 2016), right next to Vertex there were some Apex  products by Neptune Systems. Even for Apex the reason of the presence is the european distribution by De Jong Marine Life itself. Unluckily we don’t have an italian distributor for this important Californian brand, nor one shortly thereafter.

The Apex system is, probably, one of the best systems for running an aquarium through the computer. They say (and I don’t have experience to speak myself) that it’s very complex, but I’d like to try it.

Here above you can see the Energy Bar 6, that is their power unit.

And here above there’s the system more contextualized, with the display and the central unit.


For further informations about the products seen in these pages we send you to the official sites of Vertex and Neptune Systems. Then we leave you also the link to the DeJong MarineLife‘s official site for the european distribution of the two brands, and the facebook page of FunHobby for the italian distribution of Vertex and Somatic. We invite you also to read our Editorial about the fair to know our point of view on this 36th edition of the Interzoo 2018 and to consult the links of the articles dedicated to the booths we’ve visited until today: