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The 10.000 litres tematic aquarium of Masoala at the Zoo Zurich

I 5,5 metri dell'acquario marino del Masoala allo Zooh! Zurich

The 5,5 meters of the Masoala reef aquarium at the Zooh! Zurich

We have contacted the Zoo of Zurich, more precisely the doctor Martin Bauert, general responsible for the section in which lies a really particular installation that we are proud to show you and explain in detail (l’articolo in italiano dell’acquario del Masoala lo potete leggere cliccando qui).

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Diving in Red Sea, pictures and videos

Also this year we were in the beautiful Red Sea, and once again in Marsa Alam, how could you read the Report on Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina, where thanks to the superb diving Sea World and especially to the two guides that I was lucky once again to have by my side, Andrea Maffi and Roberto Piazza, I made some great diving.

This year, I had the new Canon S90, now superseded by the new S95 to tell the truth, with Canon housing and especially with the  external flash Sea & Sea Ys01 that, I have to admit it made a difference in most of the photos .

This video is a summary of all the best pictures I’ve done, horizontals, for video limitations I could not put vertical pictures. The video has been prepared in high definition, so enjoy it in full screen … it worth a while! Then I’ll look forward for your comments that forced me to share these beautiful photos.

Seven photographs were the subject of the photo exhibition held in the event OCEANO MARE:

The beautiful helicopter … a beautiful Pterois volitans

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Marsa Alam – House Reef – night diving – English Version

During our last holiday in Marsa Alam we also had the fortune to dive in the night straight from the dock of our resort, a place called House Reef.

It was my first night diving, and although the sea was very rough was an unforgettable experience to be repeated as soon as possible (I’m already waiting for the next trip to Egypt in fact)

House Reef

We have to thank once again the structure of the diving SeaWorld and in this particular case we have to thank especially our guide Roberto Piazza that made us not only as a guide but there has been the godfather of this our first night dive, after a briefing longer than usual, with the appropriate equipment we went down loads of expectations!

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Marsa Alam – Abu Dabbab – English Version

Abu Dabbab is probably the most beautiful bay of Marsa Alam, Red Sea, which has recently also become a protected natural park by the Egyptian government. So it is obligatory to pay a fee to visit this beautiful lagoon.

Abu Dabbab

As you can see in the picture by satellite, which you can click to go to Google Maps, the lagoon is huge, with very fine sand. On the right stands the hotel complex Sol Y Mar Abu Dabbab. The Reef to visit are placed on two sides of the lagoon, both starting from the shore, the left reef is the most attractive (or at least so say the guides) and is probably the finest of Marsa Alam, from what I saw .

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Marsa Alam – Marsa Asalaya – English Version

Marsa Asalaya is a very attractive lagoon between Marsa Alam and our resort Holiday Beach

Marsa Asalaya

Marsa Asalaya

If you click on image above you’ll go to google maps where you can watch where it is the lagoon

We have done 2 dives, the first on left reef and the second on right reef, the dives are very simple and we started from seashore.

The context is on this post: Marsa Alam – Holiday Beach Resort 2009

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Marsa Alam – Holiday Beach Resort 2009

Here we are, finally, to make a complete review of our trip to Egypt!

We choose again Holiday Beach Resort which I had already talked extensively last year, but this year we had a reason to return to this resort, the presence of the diving we had only known last year and that we have used extensively this year.

Marsa Alam

So we have to begin with an evocative picture of the sparkling sea which we have found in Marsa Alam … a beautiful paradise… again! 🙂

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Closed for Red Sea :)

It’s time now!

Tomorrow morning we’ll take the airplane to go to Red Sea… So my website will be without me for a while 🙂

This year we’ll go to Holiday Beach Resort, like the last year… and if you want to see the astounding pictures of the last year you can do here: Holiday Beach Resort

This winter I took the CMAS scuba brevet, so this year finally I can swim down & down 🙂 so I have needed to buy another camera…

So I chose the new Olympus Fe-3010 with his water proof case PT-046.

You have only to wait to see the pictures 🙂 and a complete review!