Interzoo 2018: the always beautiful ReefLowers booth shows off

Interzoo 2018: lo stand ReeFlowersAfter seeing and meeting ReeFlowers at Zoomark 2017 (article), we’re happy to see the Turkish company on Interzoo‘s much more illustrious ground.

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After all, ReeFlowers is a Turkish company, and as such, its natural area of interest is more international than Italian.

ReeFlowers, for who still does not know of it, was born in 2009, and will therefore be 10 next year. We like its name very much, for it is the contraction of Reef and Flowers, and implies the importance of corals for this brand. In our opinion, the colors are exactly spot-on and we like them a lot, plus it’s impossible to not appreciate the booth’s shade of color.

ReeFlowers started out by producing additives for aquariums under the name of RFL Chemicals. Its catalogue got to as well as 60 products. Since the great response from Turkey and from the other countries where they begun commercialization, starting from this year they want to expand in all of the world, and what better showcase than Interzoo?

At the booth we met Marcello Firrincieli in particular, who acts as spokesman for Italy, and in Italy products are distributed by Carmar.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand ReeFlowersProducts commercialized and presented to the public are a lot, and they cover all the basic necessities of a modern aquarium.

We’re going to see some of the products that have been presented.

ReeFlowers Marine Protein

ReeFlowers Marine Protein

ReeFlowers Marine Protein is a slow-sinking pellet. Great for fish, and crustaceans as well.

ReefLowers Caledonia Reef Salt


ReefLowers Caledonia Reef Salt

Caledonia Reef Salt is one of the 4 kinds of seasalt that ReeFlowers proposes. It is produced specifically for reef aquariums and does not contain additives. It is enriched with highly pure minerals and has high KH, calcium, magnesium, potassium and strontium values.

ReeFlowers ZNAC Antioxidant Powder

ReeFlowers ZNAC Antioxidant Powder

ZNAC Antioxidant Powder is a particular powder that can be dosed together with fish food. Technically, it is a natural antioxidant of microscopic dimensions. Znac ties the toxic substances that have been accumulated in time in the fish’s digestive system and helps them expel those. Moreover, since it works inside the digestive system, it can speed up a potential healing process from both internal and external tissue injuries, and this works on invertebrates as well. Finally, it ties rapidly the ammonia and the toxic substances that are suspended in the water. This way the oxygen level is increased, bad smells are prevented and the water gets clarified.

ReefLowers Detox

ReefLowers DetoxReefLowers Detox holds a series of products devolved to cleaning the water at large. In this series you can find Detox-G1100, a large area granular activated charcoal, whilst Detox-S1200 is in pellets shape. Detox-Dual, a mix of activated charcoal and zoelite, is also very interesting.

ReefLowers Detox

Detox-C1300 is another kind of activated charcoal that ReeFlowers puts in the long term ones, as opposed to the other two.

ReeFlowers Detox-Zeolite

Detox-Zeolite is what ReeFlowers proposes to the demand of zeolite.

ReeFlowers ZP-4

ReeFlowers ZP4 is an antioxidant powder that ties waste substances and makes them precipitate before they degrade and become a problem for the system. For example, it ties ammonium, ammonia, sulfates and similar compounds, eliminating them from the water.

ReeFlowers Shrimp’s Minerals

ReeFlowers Shrimp's Minerals

Shrimp’s is a new line that ReeFlowers dedicated to shrimp, or caridine.

Did you already read our follow-up easerch on Red Cherry Neocaridine davidi?

We are talking about the product Shrimp’s minerals, which contains all the minerals and trace elements that accelerate the reproduction and increase the coloring of these gorgeous animals.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand ReeFlowers

But the products displayed at the booth were copious. For now, we have introduced the newest ones, but there are a whole lot to discover. It’s highly possible that ReeFlowers will show up at PetsFestival 2018, which is a great reason to come and meet them personally.


For more information about ReeFlowers products you should check out their official website. We invite you to read our Editorial about the exhibition to learn about our point of view on Interzoo and to get the list of all of the booths we have visited and commented to date:

Interzoo 2018: lo stand ReeFlowers