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The multiparameter photometers Exact iDip by ITS Europe Ltd

ITS Europe Ltd was at Interzoo 2022 with his photometers for multiparametric measurements, a complete line for the analysis of water.

The italian Alxyon presents brand new lines at the Interzoo 2022

Alxyon makes a big entrace and presents many new high quality products at the Interzoo, for which they studied very hard! Let's see them...

New Division skimmers, Sentia dosing pumps and Calcium reactor by Seachem

Seachem had a really nice booth and a lot of news for us marine aquarists, starting from dosing pumps and skimmers! This article is also...

Artemia Koral and its natural nutrition at Interzoo 2022

We met Artemia Koral's managers in the middle of Hall 4A at Interzoo 2022. This article is also available in: italiano Since Artemia Koral GmbH is...

Oase amazes with an enormous amount of new objects of desire

It's really difficult to choose among the new biOrb, Dynamix feed, the skimmer for freshwater and new aquariums! Let's try to go in order. This...

Quality nutrition from Florida with Xtreme Aquatic Foods

Xtreme Aquatic Foods is a US company that throughout its forty-years experience has specialized in the nutrition of fish of all kinds. We met them...

The multiparameter photometer and Royal Nature’s products

This Israeli company couldn't miss the Interzoo 2022! Royal Nature is famous for its well-balanced salt, well appreciated even here in Italy, and for...

Aquaroche reveals the new AcropoRock System and the Druide Sea products

Aquaroche is probably the company that invented synthetic ceramic rocks, and their shapes are indistinguishable from the ones we find in the sea. This article...

Silbermann Aquaristik and Plankton Plus: a new discover

We didn't know Silbermann Aquaristik nor PlanktonPlus before the Interzoo: they're companies with very interesting products and beautiful corals on show. This article is also...

Some gems at Reeflowers’ booth at the Interzoo 2022

Reeflowers is a Turkish company that is distinguished especially for the color of the packaging of its great products. This article is also available in:...

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