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New media from Biohome for the nutrients’ removal – marine and freshwater

Biohome's Carsten Müller and Filter Pro's Richard Thew at Interzoo 2022

Biohome is an austrian company specialized in the sale of materials for the removal of nutrients in aquariums. Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are the main targets of these specific media, suiting both fresh and sea water.

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We had the pleasure to meet the Biohome staff at Hall 4 of this Interzoo 2022, where we got to know the holder Carsten Müller, who showed us the products and their peculiar qualities.

We also met Richard Thew, holder of Filter Pro, who is responsible for these products’ import and distribution.

Biohome’s booth at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before we continue, we have linked our video, in which you will see Biohome‘s booth and the exhibited products. By clicking on the URL below you will be automatically taken to the beginning of the section. From there, you will be able to see the full report or select another stand from the time stamps in the description.

The stunning scalars tank

In a booth defined by absolute simplicity, Biohome’s products stood out together as a single filtering system, in a particular freshwater installation.

The huge exhibited tank replicated a fluvial environment, with some vertically set canes to compose a scenery dominated by beautiful scalars only. A bold choice made to highlight the gorgeous animals in the tank.

The sump was arranged by alternating different types of Biohome Filter Media. Every portion was filled with elements of different shapes and sizes, that we will discuss later. In this demo installation, these media were solely responsible for the whole biological filtering, aside for a layer of Perlon whool whose function is to remove sediment.

I media filtranti di biohome in esposizione sopra un particolare allestimento con pesci Pterophyllum scalare
Biohome’s filtering media exhibited on a peculiar installation with Pterophyllum scalare fish

The core principle

Biohome Filter Media is a filtering material of high porosity that fully resembles a biological filter. Every part of this support can host milions of friendly bacteria, which contribute to the clearance of substances harmful for the fish, for example ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

This type of media is suitable for situations in which we want to reduce nutrients along with the completion of nitrogen cycle, that makes it good for both fresh and sea water.

Sintered glass

Biohome Filter Media is made of sintered glass only, produced by recycled materials and by-products of the industry of compounds containing oligoelements and beneficial minerals for the growth of healthy bacteria.

In terms of physical properties, we can say it’s a totally inert porous matrix, that allows the natural growth of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. This matrix is composed of milions of spheres that, conjoined in a single point of contact, provide the maximum area for the establishment of bacteria colonies.

As we were able to see, regardless of the chosen format, this material absorbs water within seconds. It only takes a small part placed on the water surface for our brick to be completely drenched in water. The extreme porosity also ensures the full establishment of the various bacteria strains.

L'estrema porosità del vetro sinterizzato permette una estrema capillarizzazione dell'acqua
The extreme porosity of sintered glass ensures an exceptional capillarization of water

The company estimated a period of about 21-42 days for the colonization of aerobic bacteria which convert ammonia and nitrates, and a time of 4-6 months for the establishment of anaerobic bacteria colonies, that work in the inner layers, in absence of oxygen, to reduce nitrates.

If we take a “berliner” marine tank as a reference, we may hazard that a sufficient amount of this media can accomplish part of the nitrifying function of live rock, or even do the entire work.

The proper use

Naturally there are some tips to follow in order to get the most efficient functioning of the system.

Firstly, this type of media should be placed where the flow of running water is continuous, but not too strong. We recommend using external filters for freshwater tanks, while in sea water, the most sensible solution may be an adequately-sized sump. We also suggest not to clog up the various bricks with sediment coming from the main tank. To avoid this effect, you can use a roller filter placed before the filtering system, some Perlon whool or filter socks for sediment.

In any case, if we might have to clean the bricks, we could do it without any problem, because the media’s natural composition should counter the common bacterial slime formation.

La particolare sump adibita a filtro. La lana di perlon evita che i sedimenti si accumulino sulla superficie del media filtrante.
The filtering sump. The Perlon wool prevents sediment from building up on the surface of the filtering media.

A type for every need

Available in many different formats, every type of Biohome Filter Media was specifically designed for a particular purpose. Before proceeding with the purchase, it is always convenient to verify that what we have chosen is really meeting our demands. Detailed information about formats and their specific properties can be found in the Filter Pro website, here is the link to their homepage.

You can find the list of available formats hereunder:

  • Biohome Standard;
  • Biohome Plus;
  • Biohome Mini Ultra;
  • Biohome Ultra;
  • Biohome Ultimate;
  • Biohome Maxi Ultimate;
  • Biohome Ultimate Marine;
  • Biohome Maxi Ultimate Marine;
  • Biogravel / Biogravel Marine;
  • Biohome Shower;
  • Biohome Sump Brick.
I media filtranti di Biohome sono disponibili in varie forme e dimensioni
Biohome’s filtering media are available in different shapes and sizes

The differences between one media and another do not stop at their format.

To give a practical example, Biohome Plus is almost identical to Biohome Standard in terms of shape, however it sets itself apart for the presence of minerals that helps some bacteria strains to establish in fresh water.

So Biohome Ultra has 50% more porosity than the Standard version, while the Ultimate version has some trace elements in its composition (Titanium, Aluminium, Ferric Oxide, Manganese Oxide and many more) that boost the establishment of bacteria.

Biogravel is also worth mentioning, along with its marine counterparty Biogravel Marine: they were conceived as bottom materials, to be directly used in the aquarium, substituting those who are already on the market. An interesting way to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Biohome Ultimate e Biohome Sump Brick, il mattoncino da 1,2Kg da mettere in sump
Biohome Ultimate and Biohome Sump Brick, the 1.2Kg brick to put in the sump

Brick by brick: Biohome Sump Brick

Regarding the usage in marine aquariums, we point out the large format, which looks like a brick weighing nearly 1.2 Kg, named Biohome Sump Brick.

According to statements by the company, this format allows us to set up a decent reef aquarium using a brick every 150 liters of water, without resorting to other filtration methods. For more challenging tanks, with more demanding corals, we recommend to use a brick every 75 liters of water. These bricks can also be stacked on top of each other to minimize the overall occupied space in the sump, up till turning into actual filtrating batteries.

We are, as always, really curious to try them to evaluate their efficiency. We hope to give you further information as soon as possible. Here is a gallery with some of the available types of media.


As usual here is the link of the official homepage of Biohome. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, you can access the links of all the articles released so far, that will increase day by day, or watch our videoreport for this Interzoo 2022.

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