The italian Alxyon presents brand new lines at the Interzoo 2022

L'italianissima Alxyon presenta nuove linee all'Interzoo 2022

Alxyon makes a big entrace and presents many new high quality products at the Interzoo, for which they studied very hard! Let’s see them together.

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If you remember, we met Alxyon at the Pet Expo & Show 2018 in Bologna. They really worked their way since then, although recently there was a pandemic, if you recall. Alxyon, for those who don’t know, was born from the passion of Fabrizio Lattuca and Andrea Mantegna. They put themselves on the line and proposed what they learned after years of study and experience, in the form of chemical products and technology.

In fact, their products come from pharmaceuticals and food basics. They are all designed and produced in certified labs in Italy. From the first thought to the last part of the production, the product is a real made in Italy.

Alxyon’s booth at the Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the booth not only in picture. The video is about the whole exhibition, but by clicking on the link below you’ll be directly sent to the part about Alxyon. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

Alxyon PhytaGen’s products

The first products they presented are part of the PhytaGen line, an advanced line of products for planted aquariums that still preserves a strong simplicity. Today we focus on some specific products of the ReBalance line.

These are specialized products, they’re very precise in the formulations and dosages. Here below you first see some remineralizers salts, for GH and KH, then liquid mineral supplements like ReBalance K1, a Potassium based mineral supplement, and like the ReBalance Mg1, which is a Magnesium based mineral supplement. Finally, the new line of filter materials, among which the BR1, a biological and natural filter obtained by microporous vulcanic rocks; BF1, synthetic macroporous polymer, and Zeo1, zeolite based. I’d like to know why they indicate Zeo1 specific for freshwater aquariums, I think it could be used even in marine. Fabrizio and Andrea, think about this!

Novità: i prodotti della linea ReBalance allo stand Alxyon a Interzoo 2022

The water treatment according to Alxyon: WaterCare

Alxyon developed a series of products for the water treatment. In particular, we recall: R1 – Post osmosis mixed bed demineralizers resins; R2 – Post osmosis color-changing mixed bed demineralizers resins; C1 – High efficiency granular active Carbon for removing organic, letal and coloring substances. While R3 and R4 are new demineralizers resin.

Novità: i prodotti della linea trattamento acqua allo stand Alxyon a Interzoo 2022

But we don’t want to leave behind the products for specific biotopes and animals. This category includes the Specialized Line, that are:

  • Amazonas: a mixture of salts for the mineral rebalancing of soft water aquariums;
  • Community: a mixture of salts for the mineral rebalancing of planted community aquariums;
  • Davidi: a mixture of salts for the mineral rebalancing of neutral water shrimps;
  • Cantonensis: a mixture of salts for the mineral rebalancing of soft water shrimps.
Novità: i prodotti della linea Specialized allo stand Alxyon a Interzoo 2022

There were also beautiful filter materials that we could touch!

As well as the resins of before, and the amazing substrates for the bottoms of our aquariums!

It’s beautiful the attention for shrimps and Matano and Towuti lakes of Specialized Line. I personally go crazy for the research to make any animal feel better, even those of specific biotopes. My sincerest compliments to Alxyon for their hard work.

DaniReef and Andrea Mantegna at Alxyon's booth at the Interzoo 2022
DaniReef and Andrea Mantegna at Alxyon’s booth at the Interzoo 2022


For further informations about Alxyon and its products we leave you their official website. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, also to check out the articles of the booths we visited that we’re releasing day by day, or to watch our videodocumentary about this edition of the Interzoo 2022.

We really have to thank Fabrizio and Andrea for their warm welcome and their willingness… and their almond paste!

Alxyon's booth at the Interzoo 2022
Alxyon’s booth at the Interzoo 2022
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