Oase amazes with an enormous amount of new objects of desire

Oase ci stupisce con un numero spropositato di nuovi oggetti del desiderio

It’s really difficult to choose among the new biOrb, Dynamix feed, the skimmer for freshwater and new aquariums! Let’s try to go in order.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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Before we begin, we have to say that Oase‘s booth is the one where we spent the most time in the entire Interzoo. As we said, the new products were so much that we had to spent enough time to discover them for you! Anyway, our trip began with a nice breakfast offered to the press, so that we could be comfortable while listening to Oase‘s management that introduced us to the products that we were going to see at the booth. Beautiful moment, and much appreciated. Also, the breakfast was very good and there was a lot of choice, in case you’re wondering.

Oase’s booth at the Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the booth not only in picture. Clicking on the link you’ll be directly sent to the part about Oase, but you can also watch the rest. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

The breakfast at Oase’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

Oase‘s booth was enormous, but very different from the others in wood of the previous editions (you can click here for Oase’s booth at the Interzoo 2018). In the middle there was a pond, Oase‘s specialties, and then some chairs where we seated. Around the pond there were different corners, distinguished by products. But now you also take a seat, because there a lot products to show, we’re not jocking!

La colazione presso lo stand Oase a Interzoo 2022

Before all, let’s thank all the italian staff of Oase that divided in the 4 days of the exhibition, the first half the first 2 days and the other half the other 2 days.

The new aquariums Oase Scaperline 100 and Scaperline 60

Inside the first closed corner we saw the new beautiful aquariums, not only amazing at sight, but with Aquascaping extremely well set. Every aquarium seemed a piece of art, worthy to have a place of honor in our living rooms.

I nuovi acquari Oase Scaperline 100 a Interzoo 2022

Let’s begin with the beautiful Scaperline 100, available in black or grey finish. It’s distinguished for a really clean and polish look, as I like, and with some hidden gems, like the inside of the door of the cabinet, which is magnetic so that you can hand your everyday tools. On the side, you can see some slots, closed with magnetic parallelepipeds, through which you can run the cables but also leaving everything hidden and clean. A really good idea that we liked a lot. This aquarium is 100x50x50 cm and contains 250 gross liters. The glass corners are cut at 45 degrees with a spectacular result.

On the right of the Scaperline 100 there were the Scaperline 60 that, as the name says, it was 60x35x35 cm. It has the same finish in black or grey and has the same construction details of the bigger model.

I nuovi acquari Oase Scaperline 60 a Interzoo 2022

And wait for the Scaperline in white finish. Very elegant. You can see a preview here below.

I nuovi acquari Oase Scaperline in finitura bianca a Interzoo 2022
I nuovi acquari Oase Scaperline in finitura bianca a Interzoo 2022

And we obviously didn’t miss the chance to photograph the hosts of the aquariums!

The skimmers for freshwater CrystalSkim 350 and CrystalSkim 600

In marine aquatics the skimmer has been used for a long time. Actually, the skimmer is the object that, more than any other, allowed to improve the managing of the aquariums. And the main part of our systems nowadays depends on it. Oase wanted to propose something similar for freshwater aquatics, and even though they share the name, they have very different purposes. Let’s talk about the CrystalSkim 350 and Crystalskim 600.

Novità: Oase CrystalSkim - lo schiumatoio per acquario di acqua dolce - visto a Interzoo 2022
Oase CrystalSkim – the skimmer for freshwater aquarium

The skimmer is beautiful, as you can see from the pictures. It’s perfect as Oase has accustomed us. Its purposes are to remove the biofilm on the surface and the plants of the family of Lemnaceae (also called duckweed) aimed to keep the surface clean and clear.

We like the idea, we’d love to try it!

The new fertilization Oase ScaperLine

With Scaperline, Oase not only refers to its own beautiful aquarium, but also to a complete line of fertilization. It comprehends 3 products, one in liquid form and two in tablets.

  • Mineralmix fertilizer, available in quantities of 150, 300 and 750 ml;
  • ScaperLine tablets for plant boost, available in 10 or 20 tablets;
  • ScaperLine daily fertilizer, available in quantities of 150, 300 and 750 ml.
La nuova fertilizzazione Oase ScaperLine vista a Interzoo 2022

Discus at Oase’s booth!

Before we go on with other news, among which the beautiful biOrb, we saw also an aquarium full of Discus! A beautiful HighLine 600 in anthracite of 160x60x65 cm with glass of 12 mm.

Un meraviglioso acquario di Discus presso lo stand Oase a Interzoo 2022

And here the Discus in detail!

Let’s continue on page two to proceed with other news by Oase!

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