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Classe 2002, studentessa di Ingegneria Informatica presso UniBo e musicista diplomata in canto moderno. Tra le principali passioni oltre alla musica: poesia, videogames e collezionismo vintage. Traduce articoli di acquariologia per unire la conoscenza della lingua inglese all'interesse verso il mondo marino, alimentato dalla presenza di un acquario in casa sin dalla prima infanzia. Born in 2002, undergraduate student in Computer Engineering and musician, with a bachelor in Popular Music Vocals Performance. Her greatest interests apart from music are poetry, videogames and vintage collecting. On Danireef, she translates aquarium articles to combine English language skills with her interest in the marine world, fueled by having an aquarium in her home since early childhood.

SCHEGO Heater: Slimline Titanium PTC 600w: Incredible

Abbiamo testato a fondo il Riscaldatore SCHEGO Slimline Mod. 506-600W con tecnologia PTC

Reef Evolution Salt: the newly developed prebiotic sea salt

Reef Evolution Salt è un sale marino di terza generazione nato dall'esperienza di Aquarium System e che ha tutto per essere perfetto

The Orphek OR3 UV/Violet bars in the DaniReef LAB – review

We were extremely curious to see the PAR value of the Orphek OR3 UV/Violet, especially since to our eyes UV lights appear low in power

Hydor Theo Heater: unbreakable and safe – review and video

We got to try the Hydor Theo 100-watt heater in our nanoreef and we fell in love with it. Let's see why in our review.

Polo Reef: we visited the world’s most beautiful marine aquarium

We went to New York to visit the most beautiful marine aquarium in the world: Polo Reef by Andrew Sandler, 70,000 liters with SPS and LPS

The new Orphek OR3 Red Plus Grow/Refugium LED bars in the...

Orphek OR3 Red Plus Grow/Refugium, a light designed and dedicated for refugium, our review on the DaniReef LAB.

The Lionfish, Pterois miles, will become sedentary in the Mediterranean

2 recent sightings of the Lionfish Pterois miles in Calabrian waters have brought public attention back to its expansion in the Mediterranean

Salifert test kit for marine aquarium: kh and magnesium

We are here for the second article for Salifert test series, introducing two remaining test kit in the triad: The Salifert KH and Mg tests

Salifert Calcium test for marine reef aquarium: Ca Profi test

Salifert tests are popular in marine aquatics and are somewhat of a "base" measurement for many newbies, or those who want to spend little

BioReact 90 is designed for Biopellets from Octo – review and...

We are talking about the BioReact 90 bioreactor built by Octo, a Singaporean manufacturer better known as Reef Octopus

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