Tanks made in France at Interzoo 2022 thanks to Zolux and JBL

A view of Zolux's stand at Interzoo 2022

Zolux is one of the biggest French companies in the pet care industry. Born from a small but reputable store of seeds and grains for pets, Zolux became a registered trademark in 1971 and now represents one of the most important brands of this industry.

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It is active in almost all branches of pet care, from domestic animals like dogs, cats and rabbits, as well as small mammals, birds, turtles, reptiles and fish, and it was present at Interzoo 2022 with a pretty important stand.

We focused primarily on what we are mostly interested in, thus the aquarium section, where we were able to admire in person some of the news presented in this important environment.

Zolux’s stand at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before we continue, we have linked our video, in which you will see Zolux‘s stand and the exhibited products. By clicking on the URL below you will be automatically taken to the beginning of the section. From there, you will be able to see the full report or select another stand from the time stamps in the description.

Let’s begin the roundup by showing you some of the numerous installations that Zolux brang to the fair.

Idro: the composable aquarium

The main line of Zolux‘s aquariums is named Idro and is marketed in different formats.

We are mostly talking about aquariums of compact dimensions that are comprehensive of customisable furniture, and a complete set for the internal set-up.

Il settore dello stand Zolux con gli espositori della serie Idro
The Zolux’s stand section with the displays of the Idro line

Designed and developed for freshwater installations, this type of aquarium has its selling point in the opportunity of customization.

In fact, we can assemble our own beauty starting from types of tanks that differ in sizes and colours.

IDRO 20, IDRO 40, IDRO 50 and IDRO 60 are available in two colours, grey and arctic white, and can be paired to many more types of wooden supports.

The classic support is divided in two parts. One of the compartments is open and has two racks that split the space in three equal portions, while the other is closed by a sash with a push button, and we can cram all the products for everyday use in there, to hide them from sight.

These pieces of cabinetry are available in two colours, which are “white lead” and “grey zebrawood“.

We couldn’t find the technical specs but, from what has been stated by the company, the height of these cabinets is about 10 cm above average, to allow a facilitated view of the tank even while standing.

La tabella dei materiali per la configurazione delle vasche Idro
The material table for the setting of Idro tanks

All it takes is water

To complete the installations, Zolux arranged a series of accessories, which allow to furnish the tank and set it up to house our marine species. They provide 7 kits of artificial plants, 12 ornaments among which driftwood, stones and stacked rocks, 6 types of differently colored bottom sand/gravel. A great catalogue of objects that will adapt to our personal preferences, the crystal box that we will set up. To complete the configuration we cannot forget lighting, ensured by the Aquaya series LED ceiling light, which we will later discuss in detail.

Some examples of displayed Idro aquariums
Some examples of displayed Idro aquariums

The evolution Idromax

Idromax represents the natural evolution of Idro series, whose features are retained, but its dimensions are significantly bigger.

In this case the cabinet, always made of wood, has three sections instead of the two of Idro’s. Here the central compartment is closed by a sash while the lateral ones maintain the distinctive exposed shelves, that in their shapes resemble a glove compartment.

An Idromax tank with the dark wooden cabinet
An Idromax tank with the dark wooden cabinet

During the exhibition, we discovered a wide range of installations and we were able to see different colours of the cabinets’ wood. The tanks had small differences between them, such as the used silicon that in some cases was black, while in others was transparent. In the photo below, for example, you can see four products of the light version, with white wooden support and transparent silicon to glue the glass.

Idromax tanks in clear version
Idromax tanks in clear version

Many were the aquariums brought to the exhibition by Zolux, some were just partially arranged with artificial plants and roots, some others with particular hardscapes, like this one below that presents some pieces of wood vertically disposed on a gravel bottom. The stone forest effect is surely appealing and represents an alternative to the classic freshwater installations. We are really longing to see it inhabited so that its potential is fully exploited.

A particular installation with trunks and plants
A particular installation with trunks and plants

Some of the exhibited tanks, -and it couldn’t be otherwise, considering the number of exposed aquariums- were used as displays for other products marketed by Zolux.

This one in photo for example was displaying some devices of the Aquaya series, the heaters of 100W and 200W, and the filters X-Ternal 100 and X-Ternal 200 in their selling packaging.

Products from the Aquaya series displayed in an Idromax tank
Products from the Aquaya series displayed in an Idromax tank

Below you can see a small gallery of the exhibited aquariums in the Zolux stand.

You will notice some cabinets of darken colorings, mostly grey and brown, and some aquascaping tanks made with Idro series materials, such as rocks, artificial plants and gravel in various colours.

We also remind you that Zolux has in its catalogue other types of tanks, like the Iseo series and the Clear series.

The Iseo series aquariums can be bought in 80 cm and 100 cm dimensions in a specific kit that includes tank, circulation pump, heater, LED lighting bar with the corresponding driver, and the 5-level hang-on back filter.

The characteristic Clear series is easily distinguishable for the lack of corners in the front of the tank. The back glass is glued to a single glass plate of 4 mm thickness that, curving from 90° to 90°, goes to make up the front panel and the two lateral ones without a break in continuity.

These two small aquariums are also sold in kits. Both Aqua Clear 40 Kit and the Aqua Clear 50 Kit include tank, a 250 LPH filter and a LED source of 3.6 W that can dispense 230 Lm at a colour temperature of 1500 °K.

In the endless catalogue of Zolux products, there had to be JBL tanks, as well as Aquatlantis‘s, as you can see in the picture hereunder.

Technology and accessories with Aquaya

The line of products Aquaya brings together pretty much all the technical part of Zolux. We can find a bit of everything, external or internal filters, pumps, accessories for the daily maintenance, as well as aerators, diffusers, heaters and so on.

Aquaya mini Pumps

The Aquaya Mini Pumps series includes 5 pumps of small dimensions, three of which with adjustable flow. The smallest versions in fact (with a flow of 320, 450, 550 LPH), have a simple device that allows to choke the intake hole, while the two biggest ones (670 and 1000 LPH) have fixed flow rate.

The quite reduced consumption goes from 6 to the 13W of the biggest pump, while the pump head goes from 45 centimeters to the 1,65 meters of the Mini Pump 160.

The pumps family of Aquaya Mini Pumps
The pumps family of Aquaya Mini Pumps

The Aquaya aerators

The Aquaya aerators section consists of two lines of aerators: Igloo and Nanolife StickAir.


The Igloo line come in two different types that differ for size and capacity.

Igloo 100 is the smallest one, measures 100x100x75 mm and has a single outlet, while Igloo 200 is the biggest, measures 110x110x85mm and has the possibility to connect two small exit pipes to give aeration to two different systems.

Nanolife StickAir

The Nanolife StickAir line includes a series of small aerators that have the same technical characteristics, but are available in different colours. They all have a flow rate of 15 LPH, while the dimensions are 55x25x70mm with a contained weight of 200 grams.

Nanolife StickAir aerators
Nanolife StickAir aerators

Aquaya filters and heaters

There’s plenty of both external and internal filters, as well as heaters.

FR Heater and Mini Heater 25

The FR Heaters are 5 and cover tanks of 25 to 300 liters. It goes without saying that they all can be adjusted to reach the desired temperature. Added to this lineup is the Mini Heater 25 that is specifically built for the internal functioning, so it can be inserted directly in the tank. This type of heater is pre-adjusted so we cannot set the temperature. It is suitable for small aquariums up to 25 liters.

FR Filter Cascade

Cascade filters are hang to the edges of the tank and can be set up with different filtering materials. They are available in three versions: FR Filter Cascade 30, 60 and 90, for tanks of more important sizes. They can contain sponges (FR Foam Cascade), or a special mix of zeolite and activated carbon (FR Zeocard Cascade). The cartridges are specifically dimensioned according to the type.

FR Filter Classic and FR Filter Corner

For slightly bigger tanks, Zolux’s suggestion consists of two types of filters. FR Filter Classic is made of three models for tanks up to 80, 120 and 160 liters. Same capacity for the FR Filter Corner series that, as its name implies, has a particular triangular shape, to be positioned slightly set back on the corner of the tank.

Filters and heaters of Aquaya in display
Filters and heaters of Aquaya in display

FR Xternal Filter

The external filtration is given to FR Xternal Filter 100, 200 and 300, that satisfy the needs of tanks from 50 to 300 liters. All types of filter, both internal and external, can be loaded with different filtrating materials. However you need to be careful while buying the right replacement for the filter, because their shapes are all different and that makes them not interchangeable with each other.

The filtrating materials are the following:

  • FR Blue Foam;
  • FR Carbon;
  • FR Perlon;
  • FR Nitrate;
  • FR Phospate.

Other Aquaya accessories

The technical series of Aquaya accessories is completed with a wide range of tools that help us in our daily tasks of cleaning and maintenance. We can find every type of clamp, scissors, net, aspirator, scraper etc… Even a pair of gloves to wear before putting hands in the water.

Worth mentioning a peculiar magnet for the cleaning of glass, that is equipped, other than with an internal scraper for the removal of the hardest algae, with a practical external handle to guarantee a strong grip during the usage.

A display with some Aquaya accessories
A display with some Aquaya accessories

In this photogallery you will see more pictures of Aquaya products, presented at the Zolux’s stand.

Aquaya FR Led Light

Zolux presented Aquaya FR Led Light to provide the user an integrated solution of appropriate dimensions for their own Idro and Idromax series. Aquaya Ledlight is marketed in two versions -black and white- that match the various products of their already seen lineup.

They are both integrated within a transparent plastic bracket, which can be placed on the edge of the tank and fixed by a support with two fixing screws. The ceiling light is equipped with a touch power button, is pre-set with white and blue LEDs and can work in day or night mode.

Betta mania with Betta Kub

Betta Kub and Betta Rek are tanks of quite limited dimensions, conceived to breed these beautiful animals or other small species of fish.

Betta Kub and Betta Rek in the Zolux's stand
Betta Kub and Betta Rek in the Zolux’s stand

Betta Kub has the shape of a small cube, while Betta Rek resembles a parallelepiped, with two long sides and two short ones.

To initiate them we can consider an Aquaya Led Light for lighting, a hang-on filter of the Cascade series and set them up with one of the many aquascaping materials of the catalogue.

JBL products

Inside Zolux’s stand, another esteemed company in aquariology with a long-standing tradition, that was present at Interzoo 2022 with lots of products, JBL.

Un settore dello stand Zolux interamente dedicato a JBL
A part of Zolux’s stand entirely dedicated to JBL

JBL is a German company based in Neuhofen whose name stands for the abbreviation of its founder’s name, Joachim Böhme of Ludwigshafen. Its appearance on the aquariophily scene dates back to 1960 and since then, it has always proposed innovative, interesting products.

One of the JBL displays in the Zolux stand
One of the JBL displays in the Zolux stand

An entire section of Zolux’s stand was dedicated to JBL, since Zolux sells the entire line of its products.

There were accessories of every type, food for tropical and lake fish, sand and bottoms for freshwater tanks and terrariums, water conditioners and other products for the water treatment.

There were also internal and external JBL filters with the corresponding filtering materials and various types of tests, among which the Proscan tests, with which JBL flooded the market back in 2014 and that allow to read directly through the smartphone’s camera and have real-time results on the dedicated App.

Definitely an endless lineup of products, that makes JBL one of the strongest brands in the industry.


As usual here is the link of the official homepage of Zolux. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, you can access the links of all the articles released so far, that will increase day by day, or watch our videoreport for this Interzoo 2022.

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