Interzoo 2018: majestic tank by DeJong MarineLife, pictures and a 4K video

Interzoo 2018: lo stand DeJong MarineLifeWhen we talk about  DeJong, and I mean  DeJong MarineLife’s booth at Interzoo, words end soon and leave room for the pictures and the video.

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The booth was, as always, the best of all Interzoo 2018. Thanks to their usual stratospheric tank in show. No offense to our freshwater friends, for them there will be the beautiful AquaFlora’s tanks, but the size, the majesty, and the quality of the wildlife inside were second to nobody and nothing.

DeJong MarineLife is above all a fish and corals wholesale, one of the best in Europe, located in Netherlands, and they never miss a chance to remember us at every Interzoo meeting. Also this year they shared the booth with AquaFlora, Dutch company specialized in freshwater and aquascaping. In addition there were Philips, from Netherlands too, that provided the lights for the tank, see here,  Vertex and Apex, distributed in Europe by De Jong. But about those last two we will talk in the next days, since we have some interesting news.

The fishes

From  Gramma dejongi passing by Zebrasoma gemmatum, from Labridae to anthias, inside the tank was really everything. Compared to the last years there were not small tanks apart with special fish, but we can still be delighted, we can say.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand DeJong MarineLife

Extremely natural sceneries accompanied by fishes that looked completely comfortable. Probably thanks to the choice of the different kinds of fishes appearing.

The most fascinating thing was, not just the beautiful fish themselves as we said before, but the perfect harmony between them and the underwater landscape.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand DeJong MarineLife

Above we can appreciate the 12 Philips CoralCare ceiling lights instead of the 16 Lani ceiling lights of the past edition.

Needless to say that  a lot of people was always surrounding the fish tank.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand DeJong MarineLife

The tank was visible from three sides, and the representation of the marine landscape with the Acroporas on the top was really spectacular. And you will better see in the pictures and the video in the following page.

Interzoo 2018: lo stand DeJong MarineLife

All you got to do is  turn the page to see the coral’s detail and our 4K video of this wonderful marine aquarium.

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