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Hydor is there. The report of a chat at Ferplast’booth during Interzoo 2022


The most important question that we submitted at Ferplast‘s booth was to clarify Hydor‘s role in the immediate future, given the problems of the last months. Let’s see what we found out.

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We imagined that Hydor would have been enhanced by Ferplast, but their behavior in the last months obviously left a bitterness in the mouth to many users, because they reported how their requests had never been answered, or how they received standard and elusive answers, without more specific informations. Due to this, some of them lost hope to see Hydor again in aquatics market. But we visited Ferplast‘s booth full of expectations. As you know Ferplast acquired Hydor after a liquidation procedure that Hydor itself began (we did a specific article – in italian – on this topic).

At the booth we were welcomed by Maria Rosa Marchesini from marketing department of Ferplast that explained what happened in the last months and why it had a potential negative impact on us users.

But before that, we leave you to our video in HydorFerplast at the Interzoo 2022, since there are some beautiful corals to see!

Hydor-Ferplast’s booth at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the booth not only in picture. Clicking on the link you’ll be directly sent to the part about Hydor, but you can also watch the rest. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

The main problem, Maria Rosa said, has been that they found themselves having in their home a big creature that, de facto, they didn’t know. So in the first months they has to find informations, meet the suppliers, understand the problems of the products and the supply. Everything under the chip crisis that forced them to find who could supply in sufficient quantities.

Marine aquarium on show at Hydor - Ferplast's booth at the Interzoo 2022
Marine aquarium on show at Hydor – Ferplast’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

These problems led to a massive inner reorganization, new people were hired and the company decided to push on Hydor. After we expressly asked Maria Rosa confirmed that sometimes users’ requests remained unfulfilled because they actually didn’t know how to answer, and this has been a great problem of communication that they aknowledged.

But now everything is resolved! And at Hydor‘s they have already started the production of pumps. While the lamps, Maria Rosa added, will have some months of delay because of the difficulty in providing chip that we talked about earlier.

Very beautiful freshwater aquarium on show at Hydor - Ferplast's at the Interzoo 2022
Very beautiful freshwater aquarium on show at Hydor – Ferplast’s at the Interzoo 2022

So today Hydor, as well as Aqamai, are completely restored, and are again on the market toward the recovery of productivity. This was confirmed also by the eng. Valerio Bresolin, previous owner and founder of Hydor, that has been called back as advisor. We also met him at the booth and confirmed what Maria Rosa told us. Hydor is there, but most importantly it will be there. There are many ideas to improve already great products that we have talked so much about in recent years.

As we said in the opening, it was natural to expect a huge push up on Hydor and Aqamai, otherwise Ferplast wouldn’t bought them. Moreover, the fact that they were first presented at Zoomark (here – italian) and then at the Interzoo was a sign that the brand wouldn’t have been abandoned. The sinergy between the brands may lead to a complete and diverse offer, so we’re expecting a lot from them!


For further informations about Ferplast, Hydor and their products we leave you to their official websites. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, also to check out the articles of the booths we visited that we’re releasing day by day, or to watch our videodocumentary about this edition of the Interzoo 2022.

Now we only have to thank Maria Rosa and Valerio for the time they dedicated us and their splendid courtesy!

Hydor - Ferplast's booth at the Interzoo 2022
Hydor – Ferplast’s booth at the Interzoo 2022
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