Editorial about Zoomark 2017


Very interesting was the ukrainian Aqualighter. There were many cunning products that we’ll have to talk about, both for big and small aquariums. There was also a revolutionary product that prevent the growth of the algae on the glass.


Comes back at the Zoomark 2017 even OceanLife after many editions. The big aquarium dedicated to the aquascaping was theirs. It will also be necessary to deepen their products.

Mantovani Pet Diffusion

Mantovani Pet Diffusion had an enormous booth, and we remind you that it’s the italian supplier of the Red Sea brand.


There was also the ReefLowers, a turkish brand that we didn’t know. It looks very good according to the images. The package is very beautiful and the choice of the products is very wide. We have to test them in the next future in order to understand if they’re valiant, and right now we can just wish them good luck in their adventure in the italian market.

Fengxin Zhongle Aquarium Co. LTD.

Here some chinese booths: Fengxin Zhongle Aquarium Co. LTD.

Tzong Yang Aquarium co. Ltd.

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