The first Teco Open Day Reportage

Sunday, July 10th was held the First Teco Open Day at the Aquarium of Cattolica, Rimini, Italy. A beautiful day spent together passionately, in the morning we were entertained by Massimo Turci and Alice Risi who have talked about Teco and its products, especially the new E-Chill, while the afternoon was left free to visit the aquarium. Lunch was consumed at the restoraunt inside the building of the aquarium, incredibly cheap how incredibly good fish food!

Let’s see how the day went on

Amtra sabbie e decorativi
In the morning, under a very bright sun, we gather at the entrance of the structure of the aquarium in Cattolica, just entertained by Alice Risi, sales manager of Teco. After a coffee consumed at the bar we entered the conference room of the Aquarium, where Alice has presented us the Teco and also showed the video I created during the testing Teco E-Chill that I quote here in full:

Afterwards there was the presentation of the company and all the main products.

The most interesting moment was been, however, the next one where it has been opened a debate on Teco products, how to best use them, the problems encountered by users and ideas on how to improve them.

In particular, we talked about how to improve the system for attaching the Teco E-Chill at the aquarium glass  to allow the use with T5 lighting system that are known to take up much more space than the HQi. It seems that the Teco will implement this system ad soon as possible.

Following the picture of the discussion on improving the E-Chill

Finally a speech to three with Massimo Turci (center), owner of Teco, with me (left) and Alessandro Maestri (right) for a problem with a refrigerator, promptly resolved in the next few days thanks to the intervention of Massimo.

At the end of the short lecture, then we were left free to eat at the restaurant, which with 9 euros offered us 2 fish appetizers, 2 first course and fish fried … Water and wine … what about … sometimes it seems amazing how little you can spend to eat well!

Finally, we toured the aquarium … We could talk for hours … from the standpoint of aquarium keepers, but leave such comments for a next time … for now we will just have to see some nice instant!

A very young hammerhead shark

a giant moray eel

A beautiful giant turtle, Caretta caretta probably

A lionfish, Pterois volitans

A splendid Zanclus cornutus

A bull shark in the tank where it is also possible to dive inside a metal cage

And finally a smiling Lumaz poses in front of one of the last tanks before leaving the aquarium.

Final comments …

I, as you all know, am extremely favorable to these events that bring together people and companies, and allow each other to exchange points of view. Even this Open Day is spent in the name of full cooperation between the company and hobbyists, and we all went home happier than when we arrived, we have met an Italian company which it sells all over the world and that there has passed to us their passion for what they build and what they believe. We now know, or rather we had confirmation, that behind a symbol, behind a name, there is a reality that is close to hobbyists, and who cares about the satisfaction of its users.

As always, the hope is that these events will grow, and will affecting as many companies as possible.

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