SaltWaterCloud: a very promising new controller for aquarium

PetsFestival 2017: Power Unit Large ITA SaltWaterCloudSaltWaterCloud was been probably the better innovation proposed at PetsFestival 2017.

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We are talking about a very comprehensive aquarium controller, that, for how it was developed, is open to future innovation. As you know  I have a great love for these wonderful systems, and so I have spoken a long time to understand better this project.

The system is based on an internet connection, that you must have available 24 hours a day in order to use SaltWaterCloud. Basically the system has a dialogue with his own server, hence the name cloud, and from the server it has a dialogue with your smartphone or tablet, strictly (unfortunately) for Android.

SaltWaterCloud’s Control Unit 

The system revolves around the Control Unit. Essentially the control unit is the link between the Power Unit (one or more) and Internet. And this is the nerve centre of this system.

PetsFestival 2017: Control Unit SaltWaterCloud

It is available with or without an antenna, depending on the fact that it is connectable (or not) by a cable to our router, or we need a wi-fi connection.

SaltWaterCloud’s Power Unit

Power units supply electrical sockets, all of them can be operated separately and with individual settings. A set of RJ12 terminals links different sensors and remote controls.

PetsFestival 2017: Power Unit Large ITA SaltWaterCloud

The boxes are, as you can see, traditional Gewiss, but as usual, what’s inside makes the difference.

Power units are sold in different sizes and complexity. Starting from the mini with 2 power sockets and oneRJ12 connector, then we have the small schuko with two schucko sockets and one RJ12. Moving on with the Medium ITA with 4 italian sockets and 2 RJ12, the Medium Schuko with four german sockets instead of the italian ones, ending with the Large ITA and Schuko with 6 sockets and 2 RJ12. The latter is the one showed in the picture with two more RJ12 connectors added.

All this to tell you that a solution for everything is possible, even if I’d go straight on the Large

The different sensors

PetsFestival 2017:Sonde di livello SaltWaterCloud

Several remote controls can exist: we can see level sensors, pH sensors, redox, temperature, conductivity, a security camera, and the list goes on. Generally it is a small hub connected through cable by an RJ12 connector, from which starts the sensor itself.

PetsFestival 2017: hub per periferiche SaltWaterCloudThe same system for the camera.

PetsFestival 2017: videocamera per SaltWaterCloud

Android control software

The control and setting software runs with Android , as we said before. By the use of this software it is possible to set up all the system’s parameters. Timer, shutdowns, reactors managing, controls based on sensors results, as i.e. temperature, pH, redox.

We can obtain charts of the operations, current drawn, and a lot of different parameters that can help us in our tank’s managing, marine or freshwater.

The price of SaltWaterCloud

Prices are not yet fully defined, but at their booth we were talking about a marketing price of 350 euros for an initial outfit with temperature sensor, level sensor, and Power Unit Large ITA. We don’t know if this price will be confirmed, but right now it is extremely attractive.

One more thing

Finally a good news for all of us. SaltWaterCloud is looking for betatester with an experience in the field for a pre-release test of their products. A good way to test these products before a possible purchase.PetsFestival 2017: ricerca betatester per il sistema SaltWaterCloud

I really liked this project , what do you think about it?


If you want to know more about SaltWaterCloud or if you want to join the betatester program, click on their Home Page.