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MaxiJet MJ500 the perfect all-purpose centrifugal pump: review

MaxiJet MJ500 la pompa centrifuga tuttofare perfetta: recensione

The MaxiJet MJ500 is the first ASF Aquarium Systems pump we have tried, and we were really enthusiastic about it. Technical and measured data are absolutely in line.

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I think anyone who is a long-time aquarist has had a MaxiJet pump in their hands, so for us it was finally time to thoroughly test one to see if the characteristics noted were in line with those claimed by ASF Aquarium Systems. A perfect pump for any type of filter, as a loading pump for not-too-big double-pump skimmers, and especially for all those small jobs that need to be done in the aquarium. For transferring liquids between two containers, for dissolving salt, for moving sediment from rocks, in short, one of those pumps that should not be missing from an aquarist’s kit.

The pump is a non-adjustable AC centrifugal pump. We measured, as our usual, head, flow rate and consumption.

For head we used the usual perfect static method, which we will go on to illustrate in great detail in our video. For flow rate we used the DigiFlow 6710M flow meter, and for consumption we used the RCE PM600.

MaxiJet MJ500 Technical Specifications

 European Version
230 V – 50 Hz
Flow rate: 550 l/h
Consumption: 5,3 watt
Pump head: 110 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 5,9 cm
Height: 5 cm (only body)
Price: 32,50 EUR
MaxiJet MJ500 la pompa centrifuga tuttofare perfetta: recensione

The MaxiJet MJ500 has on paper an energy efficiency of 103.8 liters per watt consumed and an economic efficiency of 16.9 liters per second per euro and thus a benchmark of 302.5 l*m/h.

Take a look to our video, is in italian, but you can add english subtitle.

At a relatively low cost, you can therefore buy a very solid pump that can be used anywhere. Very good technical efficiency, somewhat less so economic efficiency, but mainly because we are talking about a small pump, where construction costs prevail. Let’s see now what our lab tells us.

The construction

The pump is simple. Quite squared. The shape is very recognizable because it has been the same for many years, although compared to the previous series it has been greatly reduced in size, losing at least 30 percent. It comes in the classic dark gray livery.

MaxiJet MJ500 la pompa centrifuga tuttofare perfetta: recensione

Inside the package are the pump and the iconic cylindrical grid to be inserted in front of the intake to avoid collecting algae and dirt. Also included are 3 small fans and a stand to insert below the pump to avoid unwanted vibrations.

MaxiJet MJ500 la pompa centrifuga tuttofare perfetta: sistema di ventose per minimizzare le vibrazioni della pompa

The impeller is the classic one with 3 straight blades and a metal shaft. The dimensions, given the very low reference value, and especially the footprint of the pump itself, are extremely small.

MaxiJet MJ500 la pompa centrifuga tuttofare perfetta: la girante

On page two you will find all our measurements.

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