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Orphek Atlantik iCon in our DaniReef LAB: power and control


How to value these numbers in aquarium?

This is a good question. At first we thought that we could transport these values to the aquarium tout-court. Than we filled the aquarium, insert the probe and redone the measurements. We fazed but, as we have already said in elsewhere, we’re going to talk about this in another article. Basically, while at 20 cm the result is practically the same, as we progressed, thanks to the glass and the water itself reflecting the light, we found even the double of the values measured in air. Obviously this isn’t a detail that can be standardized, so we think that our method of calculation is the most correct, and the best for the comparison of coverages of different ceiling lights.

The comparison with other ceiling lights on the market

The data detected in our DaniReef LAB have been collected through the Quantum Meter MQ-510 by Apogee.

AI Hydra 32 HD at 17 cm560.00043090,501.3036.190
AI Hydra 32 HD at 37 cm563.00043090,501.3106.224
AI Hydra 32 HD at 57 cm463.00043090,501.0765.112
Aqamai LRM at 17 cm643.00046590,881.3827.071
Aqamai LRM at 37 cm722.00046590,881.5527.941
Aqamai LRM at 57 cm616.00046590,881.3266.783
Aqamai LRS at 17 cm276.00028947,599555.797
Aqamai LRS at 37 cm312.00028947,591.0786.547
Aqamai LRS at 57 cm254.00028947,598805.343
ATI Straton at 17 cm2.018.2328902112.2689.565
ATI Straton at 37 cm1.409.5958902111.5846.681
ATI Straton at 57 cm957.2098902111.0764.537
Cetus 2 at 17 cm410.00021560,681.9066.756
Cetus 2 at 37 cm291.00021560,681.3534.793
Cetus 2 at 57 cm174.00021560,688072.861
Ecotech Marine Radion G5 XR30 Blue at 17 cm1.535.5619492031.6187.564
Ecotech Marine Radion G5 XR30 Blue at 37 cm1.097.9339492031.1575.409
Ecotech Marine Radion G5 XR30 Blue at 57 cm647.9409492036833.192
Orphek iCon at 17 cm1.469.4741.3502291.1776.417
Orphek iCon at 37 cm1.286.0301.3502291.0305.616
Orphek iCon at 57 cm1.155.7461.3502299255.047
Orphek OR2 Blue Plus 120 cm at 17 cm323.00018054,691.7945.906
Orphek OR2 Blue Plus 120 cm at 37 cm291.00018054,691.6165.321
Orphek OR2 Blue Plus 120 cm at 57 cm259.00018054,691.4384.736
Orphek OR2 Reef Day Plus 120 cm at 17 cm255.00018054,691.4184.667
Orphek OR2 Reef Day Plus 120 cm at 37 cm233.00018054.691.2924.252
Orphek OR2 Reef Day Plus 120 cm at 57 cm225.00018054.691.2514.117
Philips CoralCare at 17 cm1.859.000749190,52.4819.756
Philips CoralCare at 37 cm1.341.000749190,51.7907.037
Philips CoralCare at 57 cm933.000749190,51.2464.899
Philips CoralCare Gen2 at 17 cm1.330.430749168,51.7807.914
Philips CoralCare Gen2 at 37 cm920.277749168,51.2295.461
Philips CoralCare Gen2 at 57 cm631.087749168,58433.745
Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo - scocca

Considering the energy per watt, the PAR and the energy per euro either, the ceiling light is in the average. What stands out it the power at 60 cm, incredibly high. All these data suggest that these ceiling lights are perfect for aquariums up to 60 cm, max 70 cm, considering that the corals are never placed right next to the glass.

Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo - scocca

Maintenance costs

The ceiling light Orphek Atlantik iCon costs 1.350 euro.

The absorbed power is 229 watt, so with a cost/watt ratio of about 5,89 euro watt. For a comparison with the other ceiling lights you can consult the following chart. Notice that they’re sorted by decreasing efficiency, so the best are the first ones.

Ceiling lightPriceConsumptionEuro per watt ratioReferences
Orphek OR2 Blue Plus180 USD54.7 w3,3 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Orphek OR2 Reef Day Plus180 USD54,7 w3,3 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Cetus 2215 €60,7 w3,5 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Philips Coralcare 2019749 €190 w3,9 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Maxspect Ethereal500 €126 w4,0 euro per wattItalian test
ATI Straton890 €211 w4,22 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Philips CoralCare GEN2 2020749 €168,5 w4,44 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Ecotech Marine Radion XR30 G5 Blue949 €203 w4,67 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Radion XR30w G2 PRO790 €170 w4,7 euro per wattItalian review
AI Hydra 32 HD430 €90,5 w4,75 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Radion XR30w G4 PRO915 €190 w4,84 euro per wattItalian article
OceanLed Sunrise 600870 €180 w4,8 euro per wattItalian test
Orphek Atlantik V41099 €226 w4,9 euro per wattTest
Radion XR30w G2690 €140 w4,9 euro per wattItalian review
Radion XR30w G4760 €150 w5,1 euro per wattItalian article
Aqamai LRM465 €87,5 w5,1 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
Zetlight UFO ZE-8000500 €91,5 w5,5 euro per wattTest
Orphek iCon1.350 €229 w5,89 euro per watt
Aqamai LRS289 €47,6 w6,1 euro per wattDaniReef LAB
CEAB Slide & Led2.700 €275 w9,8 euro per wattReview
Sicce GNC 4661.592 €120 w13,3 euro per wattReview
Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo - antenna

The ceiling light is very well built, heavy and solid. You can see the improvement in relation to the previous V4. The price reflects the quality.

The energy efficiency is in the average, the economic efficiency is lower. Which means if you want quality and power, you have to pay for it.

This chart is the spectral power distribution (SPD) in different depths, in clear oceanic waters:

1 m5 m10 m15 m20 m
SPD (µmoli/M2/s)1640958618436316
Ecotech Marine Radion XR30 G5 Blue finalmente nel DaniReef LAB

So, at 37 cm of distance an iCon obtains 966 µmoli/M2/s, which approximately is 5 meters under the sea level. An outstanding power! We’re almost reaching the same values of sunlight.

These results show that this celing light is great for nanoreefs up to 60/70 cm per side, both for SPS and anything else. The expressed power is the best for the whole central line. On the front and behind it drops a little, but it’s still at the same level of other ceiling lights. You can breed anything with every coloration. The only problem may be the length of the iCon, that’s of 61,5 cm. This might limit the use in some aquariums, but I think that 2 of them in an aquarium of 130 should be perfect. Maybe in a tank of 120 cm you should try to couple it with the compact sister.

Questions and comments, as usual, are very welcome.

The Orphek systems are officially imported and distributed in Italy by AGP. The Orphek iCon has been sent by Orphek in order to do this evaluation.

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