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Orphek Atlantik iCon in our DaniReef LAB: power and control

Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo

Orphek updates its best ceiling light with lots of news and, in particular, more power. Come and discover it in our DaniReef LAB.

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Many choices have influenced Orphek into changing completely their project. Aesthetically, there’s a difference in the shell: on the top, with the ceiling light off, it passes from black metalcrylate to aluminum. Honestly, I like it more this way. Maybe it’s less elegant, but it seems way more solid. The second big news is the absence of the gateway, because now the ceiling lights have the bluetooth-wifi module integrated, and like the Radion before them, now they’re super fast to catch signal and react to the controls. Then, coming now to the LED, know that like everything else in Orphek, many things have changed. The Atlantik V4 had 14 different LED, now they’re 10. After the experience with the phenomenal Blue Sky bars (here) they adopted a similar configuration even in the iCon. Less typologies of LED but studied even more thoroughly. The result is 230 watt of power and an incredible level of PAR both at 40 and 60 cm. Record breaking! Finally, Orphek improved the one and only Achilles’ heel of the Atlantik V4. The LED channels are now 6, and compared to the previous 4 it makes a great difference in the possibilities of the various sets. Then again, now it’s possible to set the moonlight between 0,1 and 1%. I’ve never seen before such a possibility of dimming.

We were very curious to test it our DaniReef LAB. The only thing left is to see the results!

Technical characteristics of the Orphek Atlantik iCon

The ceiling light is rectangular, 5,4 cm of height, and with a base of 61,5×23,8 cm. The LED of the iCon, as we have said, are of 10 different typologies, grouped in 6 channels. The moonligt is managed through the lighting LED by lowering the global power.

Orphek Atlantik iCon
Length61,5 cm
Width23,8 cm
Height5,4 cm
Consumption230 watt
LED Configuration
Whites 18.000°K18
LED infrared 730 nm2
LED orange 590 nm4
LED cyan 490 nm6
LED blue 470 nm9
LED blue 450 nm13
LED purple 430 nm6
LED purple 420 nm7
LED purple 415 nm7
LED purple 400 nm6
Total LED78 dual chip of 5 watt
Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo

Our video about the Orpehk iCon

I tell you, this video is very long, so sit and make yourselves confortable. After the unboxing we speak about their power. The video is in italian, but you can add the English subtitles.

Otherwise, you’ll find the same analysis on page two, plus the comparison with other ceiling lights.


As usual, the ceiling light is very well built. It has 4 vents of 8 cm on the top that let the fresh air in. The controller now is included and is used with the new iCon app.

Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo

The Programming through the iCon app

The configuration is very very easy, as you can see. Also, if you’re curious to see how it behaves interactively know that in our video we test and compare the set up with the PAR of other ceiling lights. It’s a test we’re always going to do because our database is well provided.

Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo - programmazione

Inside the app, that in the picture is in quick mode, you can see the temperature of the PCB of the ceiling light, the hour, but not the power of the ceiling light or of the LED.

Channel 1: Dawn and sunset (6000K)

Complete spectre of the channel: from 400 to 780 nm. This channel has been thought to return the natural color of dawn and sunset. They’re for the most warm colors, obtained with 7 white LED of 18000 K, 2 infrared LED of 730 nm and 4 orange LED of 590 nm, for 6158 K.

Channel 2: Solar noon (18,000K)

Complete spectre of the channel: from 400 to 700 nm. The intent is to recreate the natural coloration between dawn and sunset. This channel has11 white LED of 18000 and 2 cyan LED of 490 nm, for a total of 17905 K.

Channel 3: Cyan blue (490nm, 470nm) symbiotic protection

This channel recreates the natural color of the sea water under a pretty clear sunlight. It has 4 LED of 490 nm and 9 LED of 470 nm.

Channel 4: Blue (447nm) Chlorophyll c2

The color returned is a deep blue. The chlorophyll absorbs this light and uses it in the photosynthesis. This channel has13 LED of 450 nm.

Channel 5: Purple (420-430 nm) chlorophyll a and c2

This channel has 6 purple LED of 430 nm and 7 purple LED of 420 nm. The wave lengths of 400-430 nm are very useful to the photosynthesis: they can be absorbed by chlorophylls a and c2. A wide bandwidth of purple of 400-430 nm revealed to be essential for the activation of fluerescent proteins.

Channel 6: UV/purple (400-415 nm) Clhorophyll a

This channel has 7 UV/purple LED of 415 nm and 6 UV/purple LED of 400 nm. This wave lenghts are very useful to the photosynthesis: they can be absorbed by the chlorophylls a and c2. They can also excite fluerescent proteins present in many corals.

Final result

Orphek Atlantik iCon nel DaniReef LAB: potenza e controllo

All the values we revealed and our working method called DaniReef LAB are on page two.

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