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Rossmont Riser RX 5000 – review – the power we missed

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

After the usual three months of tests here we are for the review of the return pump Rossmont Riser RX 5000 which has 5000 l/h of flow rate.

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As we have written for the sister RX 3200 (here the review), even the Rx 5000 is in all respects an alternating current pump, but it can be adjustable if matched with the Rossmont Waver (review).

We measured hydraulic head, flow rate and consumption. We didn’t matched it with the controller Waver, so we only measured the maximum values. Given the type of controller there aren’t preset values of hydraulic head and flow rate, but it’s possibile to adjust the pump on any couple of values of hydraulic head and flow rate, so we preferred to measure only the maximum.

For the hydraulic head we used the usual static method. For the flow rate we used the DigiFlow 6710M and for the consumption the RCE PM600.

Technical characteristics of the Rossmont Riser RX 5000

 European Version
230 V – 50 Hz
American Verison
120 V – 60 Hz
Flow rate: 5.000 l/h 1400 gph
Consumption: 70 watt 75 watt
Hydraulic head: 3,6 metri 8,5 ft
Length: 14,2 cm 5,6 in
Depth: 10,2 cm 4 in
Height: 17,6 cm (solo corpo) 7 in
Price: 144,90 euro 149,90 USD + VAT
Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

The Rossmont Riser RX 5000 has a declared energy efficiency of 71,4 litres for each watt and an economic efficiency of 34,5 liters per second per euro, so a referement value of 9.000 l*m/h.

So at a relative low price, at least for the promised performances, you can buy an eccellent pump, to which you can add the Waver if you want to transform your AC pump in a very versatile controllable model. The economic efficiency is very good, at least until you don’t consider the Waver itself; technically speaking is in the average. Let’s see now what we found in our lab, and how it enters the values of the other pumps (on page 3). Actually this is the pump I have in my aquarium.

The construction

The pump has a simple design. Squared. Black and white according to Rossmont’s tradition.

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

Inside the package we have the pump and a couple of hoses. The hoses can be sectioned depending on the diameter of your own return pipe. They’re both of 1 inch and 1/4, that is about 3,1 cm.

As usual we started disassembling the shell of the impeller to see how it’s made.

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

The impeller, for a flow rate like this, has curved paddles. The size is not so big, after all.

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava - la girante

How to control the pump with the Waver

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

This paragraph is the same of the Riser RX 3200 since the modality of control is the same.

The main characteristic of this pump is that stand-alone is a common AC pump. But when it comes along with a Waver (review), the pump can be very ductile.

By the controller is possible to change the flow rate during the day; moreover, you can calibrate the pump. Through this modality you can choose the power so that the flow rate between sump and tank is zero. In this way you can feed your animals without any flow, while avoiding that the sump gets filled with water. I really like this feature. It’s not anything new, but for what I know only Ecotech Marine implemented it on its Vectra.

Sure you have to be careful because activating this function the level of water in aquarium decreases, but it’s absolutely normal. But feeding my corals at night, with my small pipe, with all the pumps switched off and without the sump filling up with water… is priceless.

Anyway, you can set your pump for every single moment of day and night, without being restricted by fixed flow rates. You can choose what you prefer.

On page two our measurements

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