Agent Green by ATM promises a fast phosphates removal

Confezione di ATM Agent Green per la rimozione dei fosfati in acquario marino e di acqua dolceAgent Green is the answer by ATM  for the phosphates removal both for freshwater and marine aquariums, in opposition to the usual resins that we have always used. The difference?  Especially its speed and its practicality.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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The active substance used is the well known lantanum chloride (LaCl) that immediately binds to the phosphates present in the water making them flocculate and precipitate, of course making them inert.

The differences between this product and a fluidized bed with anti-phosphate resins is immediately visible. Dosing the product the phosphate level decrease. The result is practically immediate. We don’t need a fluidized bed, we don’t need to wait a few days for the resins effect.

Seen the peculiarities of the Lantanium Chloride, we advise you to strictly keep the suggested dose, even underrating it, just in case. This because the floccules should be taken and removed by the skimmer. Otherwise they can fall onto the glasses, on the technical equipments, and on the fishes themselves. If the water becomes cloudy after a dosing, it means that you have overdosed the product.

Retro della confezione di ATM Agent Green per la rimozione dei fosfati in acquario marino e di acqua dolceIn the suggested dose the product is not toxic and does not create troubles to animals, corals, plants, bacteria, so its dosing is absolutely safe. The recommended dosage is strictly correlate to the phosphate level that you have in your tank at the time, not according to the litres. So a proper measurement of the phosphate level is required before and after dosing ATM Agent Green.

I suggest you also a mechanical filtration to remove all the floccules that possibly remain in suspension. To better use ATM Agent Green I suggest you a high PH level, above 8, that allows a higher binding between lantanium and phosphate. That’s why it is better dosing the product at night after turning off the lights, rather than in the morning before they turn on.

Price and conditions of use of ATM Agent Green

This product is not cheap, seen that the 118 ml bottle costs 25,80 euro, even if, honestly, the price is similar to the anti-phosphate resins. ATM says that the product is enough for 4731 litres even if, as I said before, should be more interesting to know how much phosphate it can remove.

Phosphates in a marine aquarium shall strictly stay within a concentration of 0,3 mg/l so that we don’t have a complete block of calcification for most corals. Higher values are absolutely toxic for fishes and the other inhabitants of our tanks.

We suggest you to take baby steps dosing the product little by little, and checking the development of the phosphates level in your tank. If you want to tell us your experiences,  will be an excellent example to the people that would undertake the use of this product, so you can use our social channels and comments, starting with the forum.

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