ATM Triage is the right product against ammonia peaks in fresh and marine water

ATM Triage contro i picchi di ammoniaca

ATM has products available for every problem pertaining aquariums. Today we’ll be talking about ATM Triage, a very interesting product which can be used to neutralize ammonia, and secondly also aquarium nitrites, be it fresh or marine water.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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ATM‘s philosophy is apparently simple. Strike first, before it harms even more. In this case, we’re talking about ammonia, one of the most toxic compounds for animals kept in aquariums. In case something goes wrong, or a fish dies and you cannot fish it out, and the ammonia level keeps growing, ATM Triage is the right product to use. And we’re not just saying this by hearsay, we could actually test it on an aquarium we know very well. Once the ammonia gets neutralized, Triage will take care of the potential appearance of nitrites, in a selective manner.

What seems interesting, in the explanation which ATM offers about the product, is that Triage does not work chemically, and thus does not cause problems for the filter.

ATM Triage‘s main purposes are 4:

  1. to remove chlorine and chloramines;
  2. to remove toxic ammonia;
  3. to detoxify nitrites;
  4. to provide support for the mucous.

ATM Triage contro i picchi di ammoniaca

ATM Triage’s instructions for use

The suggested dosage is 5 ml per 38 litres to remove chlorine, chloramines and 1 ppm of ammonia. To remove a bigger quantity of ammonia, you do not increase the dosage, but repeat the administering no sooner than a few hours. So, to give you a practical example, to remove 1 ppm of ammonia in my 400 litres aquarium, I ought to pour 400/38*5=53 ml of product. If I had 2 ppm of ammonia, I ought to pour another 53 ml two hours after the first administration.

Available packaging and corresponding prices

ATM Triage is sold in bottles of different quantities:

  Quantity Price € per litre Treated litres
ATM Triage 118 ml 118 ml 13,60 euros 115 897 litres
ATM Triage 236 ml 236 ml 19,90 euros 84 1.798 litres
ATM Triage 473 ml 473 ml 25,00 euros 53 3.596 litres

You obviously notice immediately how much more convenient the bigger bottle is. But in this case, since the problem should be extemporaneous, I suggest that you only purchase the necessary quantity for the neutralization of the ammonia. As we said at the beginning, we have used it in a 200 litres aquarium in which a fish had died and the ammonia level had rose up, making problems for the other inhabitants as well, dosed together with ATM Colony (article), it removed the leftover ammonia in a very short time.

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