Colony Marine and Colony Freshwater – marine and freshwater bacteria by ATM

ATM Colony Marine flacone If you have ever seen Tanked (in Italy: Acquari di Famiglia) you’ve noticed that their aquariums starts very fast, with a very reduced maturation. ATM says it’s because of their bacteria Colony Marine for marine aquariums and Colony Freshwater for fresh water aquariums.

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ATM in fact pointed out that the biological biofiltration can be established in few days after the administration of Colony, instead of the usual weeks. And this is testified by the adoption of these products by many public aquariums, first of all by the Sea Life line.

The peculiar characteristics are the same for both the products, even if the formulation is different.

Main characteristics of ATM Colony

  • Real nitrified bacteria, that increase the nitrogen cycle (in few days instead of weeks);
  • They neutralize the ammonia and the nitrates peaks naturally;
  • Double formulation for marine and fresh water.

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The bacteria contained in Colony belong to the Sp. Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Sp. Nitrosococcus and Nitrococcus species. This goes for both the formulations, even if, obviously, in different quantities because of the specific differences of the two types of environments.

Nitrosomonas and Nitrosococcus reduce the ammonia in nitrite. Nitrobacter and Nitrococcus deal with the reducing of nitrites in nitrates.

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This is reflected in the fact that the same quantity of product treats the double of liters in the fresh water formulation compared to the marine one.

While you use it, it is recommended to turn off the UV lamps and the skimmer for at least 4-5 days after the first treatment.

Available packages and relative prices

ATM Colony Marine, and Colony Freshwater are sold in different quantities:

  Quantity Price € per liter Treated liters
ATM Colony Marine 118 ml 118 ml 13,90 euro 117,8 45 liters
ATM Colony Marine 236 ml 236 ml 19,30 euro 81,8 95 liters
ATM Colony Marine 473 ml 473 ml 28,90 euro 61,1 189 liters
ATM Colony Marine 946 ml 946 ml 46,20 euro 48,8 378 liters
ATM Colony Freshwater 118 ml 118 ml 12,50 euro 105,9 95 liters
ATM Colony Freshwater 236 ml 236 ml 17,40 euro 73,7 190 liters
ATM Colony Freshwater 473 ml 473 ml 26,90 euro 56,9 378 liters
ATM Colony Freshwater 946 ml 946 ml 39,30 euro 41,5 757 liters

It’s obvious that the largest bottle is the most convenient. I suggest that one seen the big saving.

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