Zoomark 2017: Aquaristica booth with biotopes and many news

Zoomark 2017 e lo stand AquaristicaAlso Aquaristica returns to the Zoomark 2017, after one edition of absence.

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We already knew the beautiful booth after seeing it in other occasions, but it always worth the visit. It had a single frame structure in steel tubes. This Bolognese supplier brought a lot of news, let’s start with the new Aquamar aquariums.

The new Aquamar aquariums

These aquariums were on show in the middle of the booth and we had the chance to appreciate them closely and inside. We could also see the sump (that you can see in the following pictures) and observe the adaptations that improve Aquamar‘s aquariums year by year.

They’re really well made and beautifully detailed. For example, noticed that the returning tube in PVC which guarantees a bigger flow rate rather than classical tubes in soft silicone, having less frictions. Plus it has also a bigger section.

Notice that in the sump the filling tank is higher than the sump itself and he belongs to a distinct part. In this way is possible to stock a bigger amount of water and placing it outside the sump (if you have enough space). But the construction and the idea are surely noteworthy.

Zoomark 2017 e lo stand Aquaristica

Even the led lamps adapted perfectly to the new style of the aquariums. We don’t know if they would be enough for a marine SPS aquarium, because they should be adequately tested, but they’re ceiling lights which of course would adapt well both to aquariums with only fish and aquariums with soft corals or stony LPS corals. We remember you that the difference between these two typologies of corals depends on the calcareous skeleton, which just the stony corals possess. And among all corals with a calcareous skeleton we’re talking about the ones with long polyps, against the family with shorter polyps, a more demanding type.

Aquaristica and Rossmont

In Aquamar aquariums were the new Rossmont pumps, of which Aquaristica is the official provider on Italian market. We’ve just reviewed the Rossmont Waver system that we liked very much. You can read its presentation here.

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