Zoomark 2017: Aquaristica booth with biotopes and many news

The Biotopes

Biotopo Amazzonia

Amazzonia Biotope

Aquaristica with Heiko Bleher has developped this very interesting project of so-called biotopes. “In ecology a biotope is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific assemblage of plants and animals. Biotope is almost synonymous with the term habitat, which is more commonly used in English-speaking countries. However, in some countries these two terms are distinguished: the subject of a habitat is a population, the subject of a biotope is a biocoenosis or biological community.” (from wikipedia).

Heiko Bleher e Danilo Ronchi (DaniReef) allo Zoomark 2017

Heiko Bleher and Danilo Ronchi (DaniReef) at the Zoomark 2017

In other words it’s like a box with all the necessities for creating biotopes, following certain guide lines that indicate which animals are related to a specific biotope.

Biotopo India

India Biotope

Here upon you can see an Indian biotope created into a Juwel aquarium (provided by Aquaristica in Italy).

If you are regular readers of DaniReef you sure know how much we love talking about biotopes and that we wish it could be a goal also for the marine world.

The new fertilization products by Aquaristica

Aquaristica presented three new interesting products for the fertilization of the fresh water.

Nativa1, Bio.humina and Planta 24.

Aquaristica developped a mixture with Nativa 1+2, with a patent in progress n° EP050096643. This mixture dissolved in osmosis water restores the standard ionic vital equilibrium. So it’s not like a common hardness enhancer, but a way to recreate the complete spectrum of the minerals which are always connected, like they do in tropical waters.

Planta 24 Cheiron activ is a new generation daily fertilizer which enriches the water created by the two Nativa products.

Bio.humina 6in1 by Aquaristica is a very interesting product. It’s composed by a high concentration of raw materials (fossil plants), among which humic compounds, humic and fulvic acids included. Thanks to a special extraction process it constitutes a colloidal macro-structure which covers and isolates the surface of  the damaged cells of the fish, and it allows a faster recovery. In this way it’s possible to protect the fish against parasites and fungi and it improves the scarring.

Dottor Bassleer’s feed

If you are affectionate readers of DaniReef you know that you shouldn’t miss Dottor Bassleer‘s feed, in particular the version called “Forte“. It’s very helpful for fish with various bacterioses. We’ve talked about it in an article about the fish feed that you can read again here.

Il mangime del Dr. Bassleer allo Zoomark 2017 nello stand Aquaristica

But Dottor Bassleer has developed a wide typology of different feeds, from the proteic types to the vegetable ones. And Aquaristica, obviously, is the official supplier.

Il mangime del Dr. Bassleer allo Zoomark 2017 nello stand Aquaristica

If you want to know better Aquaristica and the products that produces or provides we invite you visit the homepage through the links here on the side. In their site you can also find a well made virtual catalogue. As always, we remind you our Editorial if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition, from which you can reach all the articles we’ve written about until today.

Homepage Aquaristica

Zoomark 2017 Editorial

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