The stunning marine aquarium of Gaetano Baiardi

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

I was recently in Rome, and I have had the chance to meet a great reefer, so I’m here proud to introduce you Gaetano Baiardi and his Marine Aquarium.

[Italian article here – l’articolo in italiano sull’acquario di Gaetano lo trovate qui]

Amtra sabbie e decorativi

The first thing he said me, speaking about aquarium, was… “sometime it comes back”.

This because Gaetano was been a aquarium keeper many years ago, but then he followed other paths and he lost himself.

What do you tell us, Gaetano?

“As I said, sometime it comes back, and this phrase could be the title of my history with aquariology.

Everything began again thirty years from my last freshwater aquarium, and this thanks to my 12 years old son, when a day of december, 2011, speaking to me in front of a great marine aquarium in a shop, he asked me if we could buy one for us… and everything began again.

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

Wow, and how does it continue? Because now you have a great aquarium… and not a freshwater one.

At the very beginning I had some thoughts, but not more than one day long, because the day after I was just seeking for a place in our home where putting it

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

“What at a first glance could be called only a caprice, really was changing into a series of consequences really really real.

This passion, that’s seemed long time sleeping, it grew and grew inside me with so much force that after only a couple of days I had in my home the tank and all the accessories I had need to install… for a small freshwater aquarium”

Yeah, that’s funny, because you have not follow that path… why do you changed your mind… again? What’s happened then?

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi
Well, after beginning to visit the aquarium shops, after having re-learned so many notions, and techniques, my eyes and my head was to be kidnapped from the reef aquarium, you know this situation, what’s happening on me, and so, after having lost some time to build a Malawi’s aquarium, I sold every pieces I had in my home, and I bought the tank you’re admiring now.

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

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