The stunning marine aquarium of Gaetano Baiardi

The lighting system

Actually my lighting system is driven by two Sicce GNC AM 466 (review) after 14 months I’ve used the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30 G2, and I’ve to admit I prefer the Sicce. The photoperiod is set on 13 hours with sunrise and sunset.

The Sicce 466 lacks of a sophisticated dedicated controller, so Sicce is dimmable, in truth, but it is only in one mode. Turning on the ceiling, in fact, it performs a LEDs dimming that can be divided into two phases. In the first half hour only the blue LEDs are turned on, which pass from idle up to 100% intensity, followed in the next half hour by white LEDs, the process lasts one entire hour, from dark to light. At the shutdown the process is reversed by first turning off the white LEDs and then the blue ones.”

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

How can we comment more than to see these images? As you can see the Gaetano’s aquarium it’s truly beautiful, it’s not a big tank, but it’s truly amazing. Maybe much more thanks to his same dimension.

The colours corals are stunning, and this also if in the aquarium are hosted so many fishes, some of them not so reef safe, like Pomacanthus imperator and a couple of Pomacanthus zonipectus, a wonderful Centropyge loriculus and a Centropyge flavissima.

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

But the colours, oh… the colours. I’m sorry to bother you by underlining this concept but… have you seen the colours? They are stunning, also if they appear truly naturals, saturated as we think they have to be.

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

The corals are mainly Acroporas, with Styloporas and Pocilloporas, but the Acroporas are more than the others. They’re beautiful, and I’ve no more words to describe them. Do you can?

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

To finish this reportage I have to say Gaetano, and his family, are truly exquisite persons. It was my big pleasure to have meet them, and not only for admiring his enchanting aquarium.

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

Here Gaetano at side of his incredible aquarium, and after Gaetano near me…

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi e danireef

If we would like to say something… the doors of the cabinet… they’re horrible… please Gaetano… change them! But maybe nobody see the doors while watching this diamond…

acquario marino di gaetano baiardi

But the last words, before left from his house, spoke about discovering a new place where positioning a new bigger aquarium…

Our best compliments, Mr. Gaetano.