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Zoomark 2011, we were there… reportage


2 weeks ago ended the most important Italian exhibition on the Pet, the Zoomark , which is held every two years at the fair in Bologna.

Official figures speak of an increase in visitors and exhibitors, the comments are even enthusiastic, “These days, we had confirmation that the pet industry is aware of its value and look with optimism to the future. Zoomark International is an event even more point of international reference, leading platform for launching innovative and creative trends” said Adolfo Somigliana, managing director of Piesse, organizer,” The 2011 edition of Zoomark International confirms that the fair is a major, if not the main, tool for promotion and this exhibition interprets the thing in a dynamic and open way towards the national and international news “- says Marco Momoli, exhibition director of BolognaFiere .

Closed its doors with great pleasure then, Zoomark International look at the next edition, the fifteenth, to be held in BolognaFiere 9 to 12 May 2013.

We were there and our vision, limited to a small part of the PET industry, the aquariophile, we can not be satisfied … and even the numbers that were declared by organizators don’t seems too good for us. Here is why in our analysis.

According to official stats, there were 16,000 Italian and 5,000 foreign presence, with a growth of 15% of the last

Speaking of the aquarium world, as anticipated here Zoomark 2011 International a Bologna dal 12 al 15 maggio 2011, the omens were all negative. The exhibitors were less than two years ago, and far less than four years ago. This was not a good omen, but still we hoped that maybe some exhibitors had been added at the last moment, but unfortunately not. The exhibitors was few and the stand was smallest than the past editions. The entire section on aquariophile, except for some rare exceptions, was included in one pavilion, the number 19, along to other categories. Only four years ago, the halls occupied were one and a half. A major setback for the world of aquariums.

This year we went to the fair on Saturday, and we detect a rather low number of visitors, including fans, a sign that, despite assertions by Somigliana and Momoli at the beginning, the fair is not attract people, and especially Zoomark does not attract. Why?

Evidently there are two factors that are be hard to exhibitors and visitors, always talking about the aquarium industry, and that is too costly stand, cost confirmed by virtually all companies that we visited and also by those we have contacted asking them the reasons of absence, and once again the lack of audience, the general public, because the fair continues to be open only to professionals, in contrast also with the great Interzoo Nuremberg that is open to the public on certain days.

Even the much-publicized conferences have not seen any major conference in aquarists, no prominent name and nothing that is proposed to increase the quality of the industry.

If this trend will be confirmed, I fear that part of Zoomark related to aquarium could even be canceled due to lack of exhibitors and interest. We hope of course that is not the case at all, and that the direction of the fair consider another approach which can involve many companies to participate.

In the coming days we will show you all the news we saw at the show, including photos and explanations, as in any case have been presented several very interesting products.

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