My site is developed in two languages, one is Italian, my native language, and the other is English. I know my english isn’t perfect but I try to do my best.

So, if you find two flags at the beginning of page, like these: you know that dropping down page you’ll find english version. In the last articles, I’m developing two different version, one is in italian language and one in english, so you haven’t to do nothing… only reading…

You can browse this site by surfing by static pages:

or through categories:

Or you can perform some search on site:

In any case you can find the navbar in the upper part of site, for an easily navigation through this site.

Enjoi it!

5 commenti on ENGLISH

  1. admin

    Hi, you must click on English tab, then in the page you see the “altavista babelfish” window on the left. You must click on english flag, after that the site will be in english language thanks to babelfish… isn’t perfect but I think quite readable.

    Thanks a lot for coming

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