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Elos Test kit: KH alkalinity

elos test carbonati kh

I started talking about Elos test kits since 2007, when I used Salifert that didn’t satisfied me, then I spoke again last year when I used them as a measure of comparison with the OceanLife test kit, today, thanks to the purchase of the entire Elos test kit, as I do about every 6 months, I’m here to speak about them. Let’s start with the Elos Test of Alkalinity or KH.

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Going from HQi to Led … my reef aquarium available for a thorough test

As many of you know I’ve always been skeptical about using LEDs in marine aquarium, for a variety of reasons that I’m going to list in this article, but it is undeniable that today the LEDs are an important reality also for aquariology. Speaking with one of the many producers, that at this moment I prefer not to name, we decided to perform a thorough test on my own aquarium. We set ourselves at least 8-9 months to evaluate the goodness of their ceiling led, and to assess the quality of the LEDs. We believe that nine months is sufficient to be able to have reliable conclusions.

Above is my aquarium lit only by the blue LED of my previous ceiling. The double Elos E-Power with blue LED E-lite. Can not deny that I love this color in the aquarium.

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