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How to cure fish affected by Cryptocaryon, Oodinium or similar

Acanthurus japonicus colpito da Cryptocaryon irritans o malattia dei puntini bianchi

Acanthurus japonicus affected by Cryptocaryon irritans or white small spots disease

I’ve cheated a little about the title. I can’t tell you how to proper cure it, but I can show you how to get out of a desperate situation.

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Palytoxin and Palythoa in the aquarium: what are the risks and how to avoid them

Palythoa cf. toxica - il rischio delle palitossine

Palythoa cf. toxica

Introduction by Danilo Ronchi: Massimo Morpurgo, biologist, aquarium curator at the Natural Science Museum of Bolzano, talks to us about palytoxin: cures, remedies and problems that they can cause to those who come in contact with it. Massimo has been one of the main researchers in Italy who studied this intoxication phenomenon. Let’s now give the floor to Massimo Morpurgo.

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