Zoomark 2017: AquaLighter – Collar with NanoClear and more


Stand Aqualighter a Zoomark 2017

AquaLighter is a very interesting Ukrainian company of which we’ve already spoken in these pages.

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In fact we’ve reviewed with optimal values the aerator Collar APump (review) by Valerio and the little vent AFan pro (review) by Federico. We recall these reviews for remind you the Aqualighter brand. In realty the manufacturer is the Ukrainan Collar company. It has been producing and selling for more than 20 years aquaristic products with the AquaLighter brand. Collar produces also products for the dog world, commercialized with the brand Puller. At the Zoomark there was the brand AquaLighter in the 19th pavilion.

The booth was wide and well cured and focused on accessories for small aquariums. The only noticeable exception was the AquaLighter NanoClear.

AquaLighter NanoClear

Stand Aqualighter a Zoomark 2017: NanoClear in azione

NanoClear surely deserves an article apart. We’re about an innovative product for the cleaning of the aquarium’s glasses. It’s a liquid in a bottle enough big for an aquarium of 150 liters. It can be dry applied on the glass or the rocks until it dries out. From this moment until 2 years won’t grow algae or scales upon the treated parts. We don’t know how it can work so well, but the idea is very interesting.

Stand Aqualighter a Zoomark 2017: NanoClearUnluckily this treatment has to be done before any set up. Obviously AquaLighter guarantees that the aquarium inhabitants won’t be hurt by it because it’s a completely atoxic product. Once applied, even if the glass gets dirty, it will only require a sponge to be cleaned. As you can see here above the product is composed by three. NanoClear Stone for the rocks treatment, NanoClear Glass for the glass treatment and NanoClear Glass Cleaner for the glass cleaning.

AquaLighter Pico Soft

Let’s continue with other Aqualighter products and now it’s the time of the Pico Soft. It’s a little lamp for microaquariums: it’s a nice idea because the lamp it’s flexible and with two suction cups in order to be applied to the little tanks.

Stand Aqualighter a Zoomark 2017: Lampada a led Pico Soft

We’re not going to talk about watts and consumption because this kind of product has no incidence on the electric bill, neither it will be able to make the corals grow.

Stand Aqualighter a Zoomark 2017: Lampada a led Pico Soft

But we think that the idea is very good for who has a minimal small aquarium for red fishes.


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