Rossmont Waver – The AIO controller for the Rossmont AC pumps

Interaction with Rossmont Waver

We took a picture of our Rossmont Waver turned on.

rossmont waver controller AIO

As you can see there are three LEDs. The two blue LEDs are over the two channels CH1 and CH2 and they show the operation of the stream pumps. One in the center recalls the capacitive touch button that allows us to interact with the Waver without the need to connect with our smartphone, tablet or pc.

Thanks to capacitive touch button we can bring the pumps at minimum % for the feed operation by simply pressing it for 2 seconds. Actually I would have preferred to have the possibility to switch off the pumps. But it’s a personal consideration. If the button is pressed for 6 seconds Waver turns off the pumps and the controller remains on.

If you press the button for 20seconds (enough time to not press it by mistake), it will perform the hard reset to factory default.

Waver was also seen in white colour, but honestly I prefer it black. Actually the photos were taken during Interzoo exhibition in Nuremberg (editorial and article about the Rossmont booth), but the white version has never come to light.


Rossmont Waver is priced 249,90 EUR (199 USD in USA). Even though this not an affordable price, we have to weigh it up against the opportunities of this system. If you buy it with the two largest pump models, the Mover MX15200 (review), we should add 139,90 EUR each  pump, for a total amount of 529,70 EUR. But we would have in our hands a system that for power, flow rate and customization possibility could be compared to a pair of Vortechs MP40 (review) with their Reeflink (review). And this last system would cost, at present, 977 EUR. We’re talking about half the price.

The box of Rossmont Waver controller AIO

If we take a couple of Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155, which are comparable in flow rate to the above two systems, we should consider 247,80 EUR each pump, and 320 EUR for the new Smart Controller 7000 (our preview here). That’s a total of 797,60 EUR. Of course each system has its pros and cons, but this gives you an overview of what actually are the best products on the market nowadays.

What we miss?

Like everything, Rossmont Waver is not perfect. We would like to have more structured presets and the chance of a device that simply let us create waves in the aquarium, without doing different attempts. Maybe we’d prefer a less advanced choice, but focused on types of corals, like SPS and LPS, to advantage, who is less experienced, to play with technology. Ok, but this isn’t certainly my case.


rossmont waver controller AIO in the box

User friendly. It allows us to use pumps that maybe we already have at home. We can increase the power of the pumps simply by changing them and without having to spend expensive sums for each pump. We can create the flow with a fingertip. We can add presets where we want during the day. And all of this is sold at a very competitive price if compared to other available pumps, such as Tunze and Ecotech Marine. We love it and, also considering the price, we can recommend it without any problem. And finally we have also to remember what we wrote on the first page: other devices and expansions are coming soon.


ico.piu.png Easy to setup;
ico.piu.png Possibility to control Rossmont pumps already owned which become fully adjustable;
ico.piu.png Opportunity of an extremely advanced schedule customization;
ico.piu.png Affordable price whenever considering the full system;
ico.piu.png Web-based interface compatible with any PC/Smartphone/Tablet that has simply a browser;
ico.piu.png Very well made.


ico.meno We feel the need to have a more structured programs out of the box;
ico.meno Expensive price in absolute terms;
ico.meno You can only control two pumps for each Waver;
ico.meno You can’t save your configuration.

Quality construction
Price/quality ratio

Thanks to Rossmont for supplying us with Waver and the pumps for our review.

The box of Rossmont Waver controller AIO

Final Thoughts

User friendly. We can use AC pumps like they were DC. We can create the flow with a fingertip and add presets wherever we want during the day. Sold at a very competitive price. We loved it.

Overall Score 4.5


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