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Rossmont Mover MX 15200: in depth review


pompa rossmont mover mx 15200

The Rossmont Mover MX 15200 pump was launched by Rossmont around 3 months ago, introducing new features of this Italian company.

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The Rossmont Mover MX 15200  is not an electronic pump, it works with a fixed flow of 15.200 l per hour, with a power consumption of only 24 watt. This pump was designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, allowing Rossmont to extend its warranty on the pumps to 36 months, one year more than the warranty period required by law.

The MX series broadens the M series, with a higher flow rate and other characteristics as we shall see later on.
The MX series is made up of 4 pumps with increasing flow rates, the MX 9800, the MX 11600, the MX 13400 and obviously the MX 15200, with increasing flow rates of respectively 9800, 11600, 13400 and 15200 litres per hour. We therefore have in our hands the most powerful pump on the market made by Rossmont.

Rossmont Mover MX 15200 Technical Characteristics

European Version
230 V – 50 Hz
American Version
120 V – 60 Hz
Flow rate: 15.200 l/h 4.011 gph
Power: 24 watt 24 watt
Cable length: 2 metres 6,56 ft
Price: 139,90 euro

Looking at the technical characteristics of these pumps it can be deduced that they have an energy efficiency of 608 litre per watt, level especially high when compared to some electronic pumps such as the Tunze NanoStream 6095, which not only has a lower flow rate of 9.500 l/h but also an efficiency of “only” 452 l/h; and to non-electronic pumps like the Tunze NanoStream 6125 with an efficiency of 545 l/w placing it at the same level of the new Ecotech Marine Vortech mp40QD’s efficiency of 607 l/w, but with a higher flow rate, 17.200 l/h.


pompa rossmont mover mx 15200

From the economic point of view, with an RRP of € 139.90, we can talk about an economic efficiency of 109 litres per euro spent, against the 47.5 litres per euro of Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095, 71 litres per euro of the 6125 and the 41 of the Vortech MP40QD.

Obviously with a lower RRP price the efficiency/euro will be slightly higher.

pompa rossmont mover mx 15200 - contenuto della confezione

The whole content of the package can be seen above: the pump, the mounting magnet, the add-on nozzle, the cleaning brush, the protective grid, the beautiful foldable box and the use and maintenance instruction manual. The complete equipment presents itself beautifully.

Such a powerful pump, with a high fixed flow rate, should be used in peculiar cases or in large tanks with a minimum length of 130 cm. The add-on nozzle can change the flow angle from 120° to 60°, this can be helpful in their management, but the flow rate remains really high. We can therefore consider that this pump’s little sisters will behave the same way, allowing the buyer to choose the best one for its system.

pompa rossmont mover mx 15200 - contenuto della confezione

Technically, a pair of Rossmont Mover MX 15200 will be sufficient for a 700 litres SPS aquarium, as long as they are used alternately. This way we obtain a fixed flow rate of 20 times the aquarium volume, with only one pump functioning at any given time.

I tried it for a while in a 200 litres container with live rocks only, during maturation, and at the moment the pump is in my 400 l tank where it works only during daytime, together with 2 Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6095 pumps.

The Rossmont Italy Mover Mx 15200 has been functioning for about 3 months: for the first one and a half it was never turned off, while afterwards has been on for 10 hours per day. I consider this time sufficient to find out little malfunctioning details or hidden defects, considering that during this time it was never cleaned. We like to mistreat our pumps to see how far they can get!

Surely, using these pumps with hourly alternate cycles could lead to issues in a short time. I personally think that with 2 cycles per day, the well known tide simulation, the pumps should not have any problems for a long time. The warranty is there and it has been extended to prove this!

Moreover, switching on and off the pumps every hours is surely… an out of the ordinary habit.

pompa rossmont mover mx 15200

The outer body of the pump looks like a semi-cilinder emerging from a sphere, with different axes in order to be adaptable to as many situations as possible, and also thanks to the magnet included. The water flows out from a circular opening, crossed by a small horizontal mount which doesn’t seem to influence the flow. Here the protective grid can be fixed, unnecessary if the pump is always on (it can only slightly reduce the flow in this case), but highly recommended for alternate cycles functioning.

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