Editorial: Nuremberg Interzoo 2016

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga 02

The 34th edition of Nurnberg Interzoo is just ended. Flying back home we are thinking about our usual editorial to go insight this event ( qui potete leggere il nostro editoriale in italiano).

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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My first Interzoo was in 2006, and from that year I never missed one edition, always writing about this fair: the biggest and most important international pet industry’s leading exhibition. This is my 6th attendance in 10 year. A lot of things are changed but one thing is always the same: best people go to Interzoo! Who is missing… Is losing!

Organizers communicated that the attendance was up to 39.000 visitors during the 4 days, it means 5% more than 2014 edition (you can read here the past editorial), but 2018 will be a very special year for the fair to be moved on weekdays from tuesday 8th to friday 11th of may.

Travel friends as usual have been great. And this year they gave their contribution to cover the whole event working hard. We have almost 100GB of files audio and video. We will need time to edit everything and show you in the best way. I can finally say that Federico, Simone and Maurizio worked a lot and next days you’ll see all ours articles.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga Magnaromagna02

From the left Simone (Hioct), Maurizio (Zanna Bianca), Danilo (DaniReef) and Federico (HkK.2003) before starting work

Interzoo is not a normal fair. It is not an event where you go only to be there. In fact, the biggest companies wait for this event to show their muscles and their best products, often in demo version, to make a good impression on the market and try to dominate it. All the new trends are shown here.

But before talking about products, we can analyses all the trends we noticed along stands and pavilions. We already said that total attendance was of 39.000, but we also must talk about the 13 on 17 pavilions used and the 1389 exhibiting companies of which 378 working on aquariums market.

The fair confirmed the led supremacy, as natural method to light aquariums, both for fresh and marine water. It has also confirmed the use of adjustable pumps (not all only at direct current, as we will see) and moved the focus on the apps, in our opinion the real new trend for 2016. Each company tried to show a way to control aquarium, pumps, ceilings, via apps, dedicated or web based, but all presented one to link together one or more products. For example we can see here Aqamai, AquaMedic, Aquatronica, Dennerle, Philips, Rossmont, Seneye, Sicce, Tunze and Zetlight.


Beside that we saw also a growing interest, never ended, on T5 lamps, where many companies presented new ceilings, tubes, in a way that it seems a return to starting goals of aquarist (someone also put on the catalog some reflectors HQi).

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga aqamai 104

 The thin led ceiling Aqamai compared with 1 euro coin

Marine side and fresh water side shown their best, with some wonderful marine aquariums on some stand, and aquascaping as new horizon for fresh water aquariums, and I’m happy that lot of aquascapers are italians, with many idea and great results. And I am sure our videos, for the first time in 4K, will surprise you.

One thing missed, and it is strange. No Discus. They once were the kings of the fishes, but now they weren’t, and with them almost all fresh water fishes. As we said the market is moving to aquascaping. We also saw a huge aquarium with Koi carps, a sector not close to us but that uses lot of water.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga Dejong Marinelife coralli e pesci 04

The wonderful marine aquariun of Dejong Marinelife

Visitors were more than our last visit, +5% according to organisers. Not many the italians, with less people from Italian Social Network side, mainly on marine area, while something more regarding fresh water. We repeat it, like two years  ago, this is not the time when you meet in the stands someone already known on the forums. What a pity. Who doesn’t remember the wonderful dinner at Barfusser, Das kleine Brauhaus, famous restaurant of Nurnberg where on 2008 more than 60 Italian aquarist met up?

By the way let’s talk about the more interesting news we saw during the fair days. They were a lot, maybe too much. I don’t keep in mind a particular product so innovative if compares to others. And we also should say that the 4 authors of this editorial followed different routes during the event, so we didn’t see the same things and we had attraction from different products.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga anubias 54

 A great example of Aquascaping at Anubias stand

I was fascinated from Kore 5th system of Pacific Sun, a metering station with 5 channels able to manage the  water change automatically. It can do that thanks to a pair of pumps, even if they are dosometrics (2 on 5 default pumps), or if they are two centrifugal pumps connected on the back side of dosometric system, Kore 5th, they can remove water from aquarium and add it at the same time, with a very high frequency. A system that I would really like to try and make it possible to avoid having to deal with the change. In the coming days we will discuss in particular, also to explain better how it works.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga pacific sun 15

The sump and the part with the topping up of the Kore 5th system from Pacific Sun

There was many pumps, many really interesting, from the new Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 to the small Aqamai, from Aqua Medic to Aquabee and skimming pumps with variable flow from Sicce, among which we mention the remarkable skimmer UltraReef Tyhoon that uses it, up to the Rossmont Waver. All at their own way interesting and innovative: they deserve a depth discussion in the coming days.

Finally, as far as I’m concerned, I liked the idea of the new salt Triton, Pure 2.0, which looks like a sea salt with an extreme level of purity, already divided into practical bags for changes by 2, 5 and 10 liters, if we remember correctly, and with two reagent liquids to be added during the preparation of sea water.


Finally two other aquariums in Aquascaping belonging to our friends Enrico Fortuna and Roberto Bielli at the Equo stand, where the italian brand has presented many new interesting products.

Two years ago, if you remember we had lost Brett and Wayde from ATM for a moment, maybe you know them better for the tv program Tanked, unfortunately this time they were not, but we have known most of their products in their stand and we learned that they will be distributed by Teco. And I must say that seem to be really interesting products.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga atm 458

We can read on the following pages even the thought of others valuable contributors of DaniReef: Simone Baglioni, Massimo Morpurgo, Maurizio Zannoni and Federico Turato.

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