Ecotech Marine Reeflink – In depth review

Ecotech Marine Reeflink

A few months ago we got our hands on Ecotech Marine’s ReefLink, and we are ready to go on about how incredible it is, a must-have accessory (Versione Italiana).

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

ReefLink was described by Ecotech Marine itself has a digital hub, conceived for those who already own Radion lights, VorTech pumps, or plan to buy any other future product produced by Ecotech Marine, from which we expect amazing performances.

Ecotech Marine ReefLink connects Radion lights and VorTech pumps using the EcoSmart Live program. This allows the user to control any aspects of its lighting system from any web browser on a Pc or Mac, without the need to physically connect it with a cable. It also lets the user program a hourly schedule of VorTech modes.

We can run trials, set options and then save them from any web browser, simply by logging in to EcoSmart Live from our iPad, iPhone, or generally from any Smartphone or Tablet. In one word… amazing!

Ecotech Marine Reeflink - contenuto della confezione

The package includes ReefLink and cables, more specifically an USB cable for the first connection and a power supply cable which ends in a classic plug.

What surprises us most about this product are its really small dimensions, and that it’s extremely easy to use.


It can be connected and installed in a matter of seconds, without even pressing a button… which is actually lacking on the device. Thereafter, the connection to wifi network is also very fast.

In order to install it it needs to be connected to a Mac or Pc via the USB cable provided. We run the software updates if required, a highly recommended procedure, and then set the properties for connecting it to our home network.

Ecotech Marine ReefLink pannello posteriore

Ecotech Marine ReefLink is now ready to be used via any internet browser on our Mac or Pc rather than a smartphone or tablet, for which the specific App will be needed.

Ecotech Marine Reeflink

Final Thoughts

Today's price of 109 euro makes the ReefLink an extremely interesting device for what it does, especially for its future prospectives. Today, I really couldn't do without it. It's useful, easy to plug in to be right away connected to our Radions and VorTechs.

Overall Score 4