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Going from HQi to Led … my reef aquarium available for a thorough test

As many of you know I’ve always been skeptical about using LEDs in marine aquarium, for a variety of reasons that I’m going to list in this article, but it is undeniable that today the LEDs are an important reality also for aquariology. Speaking with one of the many producers, that at this moment I prefer not to name, we decided to perform a thorough test on my own aquarium. We set ourselves at least 8-9 months to evaluate the goodness of their ceiling led, and to assess the quality of the LEDs. We believe that nine months is sufficient to be able to have reliable conclusions.

Above is my aquarium lit only by the blue LED of my previous ceiling. The double Elos E-Power with blue LED E-lite. Can not deny that I love this color in the aquarium.

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How to deal with a changing tank without problems. Chronicle of a special day.

Changing the tank is a procedure that virtually all aquarists have done at least once in their life, or that in any case, they will do sooner or later .

The reasons are various but the most classic is certainly an upgrade especially in terms of available space, or to switch from one tank, adapted to be a marine aquarium, to one specifically made to be marine aquarium. Or for drastic reasons such a tank that is threatening to break.

In all these cases the important thing is to act very quickly, so that the water change could be done quickly and in a day. Taking advantage from my experience we had in April 2007 together with friends of AcquaPortal, I would try to draw an ideal protocol to be prepared in those agitated moments. To do this I will use many pictures and also several videos that we shot in that hectic day.

I begin by saying that I was totally lost… and then I can only thank all friends of the forum who came to help me. Without them I would not have accomplished the task, and thisi is also the reason for this guide, to help everybody to do it better. So a special applause goes mainly to them (in alphabetical order): Adp80 (Simone), Lumaz (Giorgio), MarcoAP (Marco), Max (Massimiliano), Mbenassi (Matteo), Pfft (Andrea), Zanna Bianca (Maurizio!) Thank you all guys!

Since we have to make a tank change we have to have ready all the equipments of the new tank, and especially the new tank and new support as well as all the equipment that we could change into our transition from one aquarium to another. In my case I changed tank, sump, calcium reactor and cabinet. Beyond that is a good idea to have at least a couple of teflon tape and a pack of Tangit, if the new tank will be glued PVC pipe like this you’ll see.

this is a picture of the old tank a few days before the change

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A new return pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 2.5

Since the last visit two years ago where I took the Eheim Compact Plus 2000 as a new return pump, also this year the Interzoo (in short you will see an extensive article on this website) has brought me a new pump.

The choice fell on italian Sicce Syncra Silent 2.5

According to my program to calculate the correct return pump that you can read here: return pump – Calculation of Flow, which was updated for the occasion, I won us, because otherwise I would have not done:)

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The project goes on: live rocks

The project goes on, after having presented the tank in the latest update of DaniReef … Here I present the new live rocks aquascape!
I think you could want to pass the mouse over the image of the live rocks if you want to see the play of light offered by LEDs (and if you have firefox).

Yes the lighting system isn’t ready, because a part of it, one of the HQi, has been serving the other tank in the attic, feature actually quite comfortable in these cases.

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The new project of DaniReef: the tank

Finally my new project takes off. After the problem of my previous tank that after two years had almost completely unstuck (see here), I ordered a new tank and thanks to Alessandro Falco who lent me his aquarium to keep “on holiday” my adored fish, I managed at last to take off.
The choice of measures has been to prefer a tank that would give the idea of being large, so a very wide format, despite the height. So I confirmed the length of the front window of 130 cm, while I had to settle of a width of 60 cm, and a total height of 50 cm, which might give a more wide aquascape, this also because of the layout I have in mind and you’ll see soon.
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