My new sump

After so much time, I ordered one new glass sump for my marine aquarium

At first glance it seems a very simple sump but… it is not! In the same footprint of the previous one, only 5 cm more depth, I have so much more.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

The new dimensions are 70×50 but with 50 cm height, all around but in the middle of the sump where I have only 40 cm to easily work, to put in and out the skimmer, the calcium reactor, and all the other reactors I need.

The space in the left is for a refugium, with a total capacity of almost 46 litres.

The space for osmosis water it’s around the sump, with a total capacity of about 28 litres.

8 mm glass thickness.

The bottom is created with two glass plates… much more strong… do we need it? I don’t know… but…

What do you think?

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