My babies born Pterapogon kauderni… watch the amazing pictures and video HD with babies inside their father’s mouth

After about 40 days from the last birth, I’ve had another birth of my Pterapogon kauderni (Banggai cardinalfish)

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

In this picture you can see the father with the child inside his mouth, he has three of them and it’s possible to see their small eyes, after clicking on images to open it!

Here you can see other better images

And here the small babies

But for sure, I think it could be better to see the video where watching the babies moving inside the father’s mouth. I think it’s amazing and it’s better to open it and to watch in Hig Definition 1080p.

The child contents in the mouth would then be free from his father in the aquarium after a few tens of minutes, but taking place in the dark unfortunately we have not been possible to document the thing … at least this time.

In any case, we proceeded to catch them using a hose and then place them, along with a Montipora digitata, into a net nest.

And here are the photos as they appeared the next day, with only one day of life.


Finally I leave you to all pictures taken, even though, for obvious reasons, are very similar to each other