Baby kauderni in my tank

Last week I was lucky enough to see the birth of some baby kauderni in my tank … the third “big” event that until now I’ve had … In fact, in the first tank I had the deposition of egg by Amphiprion ocellaris (photo of the deposition of my clown fish) and in the second I had the expulsion of gametes and planulae by a Acropora microphthalma  (sexual reproduction of Acropora microphthalma).

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

And last week, in the third tank, this …

Now I will wait 40 days and I’ll watch carefully the parents, in order to catch the baby kau immediately after birth, through a suction tube, to insert them in a small nest in the tank.

I have also taken the rotifers, thanks to the availability of Roberto Ferri from Planctontech,  and which I’ll discuss in a future article.

I just have to wait.

Unfortunately my photos are taken in macro, with the single blue light switched on and with kauderni behind a dirty glass because too near to Montipora… but soon I should be able to have something much more acceptable for publication.