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The new project of DaniReef: the tank


Finally my new project takes off. After the problem of my previous tank that after two years had almost completely unstuck (see here), I ordered a new tank and thanks to Alessandro Falco who lent me his aquarium to keep “on holiday” my adored fish, I managed at last to take off.
The choice of measures has been to prefer a tank that would give the idea of being large, so a very wide format, despite the height. So I confirmed the length of the front window of 130 cm, while I had to settle of a width of 60 cm, and a total height of 50 cm, which might give a more wide aquascape, this also because of the layout I have in mind and you’ll see soon.

Amtra sconto 20%

Even the furniture was finally built to measure, and I say finally especially for those who remember of the previous  one… that I wanted but that I never finished, thanks to my proverbial manual skills 😉

Forniture and tank have been ordered to Elos and I had to wait a month before the delivery order, I was actually very lucky, it is often necessary to wait up to 2 months from the order, for oversized items.

The bottom of tank is constructed by two layers of glass glued together in a staggered, as shown in next photo, which notes the characteristic bonding Elos.


The overflow, for obvious aesthetic reasons, has been placed on the far left, and is very tiny, measuring 15×11, 5 cm outside, inside is empty and has the two hoses for loading and unloading.

Into the overflow you can see the sump, that for now it’s empty


The tank will have a cycling accelerated as soon as possible to enter the fish as I said I’m managing to another aquarium, and then take two aquarium together is not the best economically. I will use very few rocks, and begin with live sand. The rocks come from an existing aquarium, and even the light will start immediately with 4 hours.

For now I leave you with pictures of the tank just in place, expect comments, criticisms, questions, and why not … ideas …

Good vision


  1. He he, nice to see your new tank, I am very happy for you! 🙂

    Funny thing is that few weeks ago my new tank(130*60*50 starphire) came to Croatia, will post pictures soon at my site.
    Maurizio also did my tank, but i wanted different/custom overflow 😉

    happy to see your new project realizing soon, keep up the good work!


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