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Microfauna Booster: the turbo by Daphbio for our marine aquarium


Microfauna booster is a special “accelerant” for our aquarium. It contains phytoplankton, bacterioplankton, enzymes, denitrifying bacteria and probiotics, it helps microfauna, meiofauna and the micro organisms that are in our aquarium to find the correct and healthy environment and at the same time it provides them the nutrients.

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Microfauna booster arrived at its third formulation and, like the others, is made directly by Daphbio, that certifies it natural and bio at 100%.

The principle on which Microfauna booster is based is to take advantage of the same molecules it’s made of, which are rich of proteins, microalgae and specific bacteria that activates microfauna, micro organisms, the bacteria and the bacterioplankton we have in aquarium. These organisms in part are already in the aquarium, but you can also improve their presence and activity with Daphbio microfauna meiofauna eggs (we talked about these here). Anyway, Microfauna Booster is designed to go beyond, in fact it can be used as high quality proteic food for every host in our aquarium: from corals to crustaceans, from clams to anemone, from microfauna to bacteria, with benefits for sand and living or sythetic rocks too.

The product is free of pollutants or fertilizers.

How to use Daphbio microfauna booster

Daphbio microfauna booster can be used as protocol form colonization of synthetic rocks, by making the starter kit with Daphbio Microfauna and meiofuna eggs and BactoReef, but we we’ll talk specifically about this kit later on. Otherwise, you can use it in order to keep the aquarium populated and its micro organisms always at the top of their efficiency.

Microfauna booster is an importat step in the food chain as it can be found in the sea: bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton. The use in aquarium boosts and enriches both microfauna and the bacteria, but don’t forget that you can also use it with brine shrimps, granular food and anything else we’re going to administer in the aquarium.

You have to dose the product with the lights off and to turn off the skimmer at least one hour before the administration. Then you can turn the skimmer on the morning after. You can also dose early in the morning if you want, I find it easier doing it in the evening. You have to shake the product before the use.

  • For aquariums up to 75 liters, 2,5 ml twice a week;
  • For aquariums up to 150 liters, 10 ml 2-3 times a week;
  • For aquariums up to 300 liters, 20 ml 2-3 times a week;
  • For aquariums up to 600 liters, 30 ml 2-3 times a week.

Daphbio Microfauna booster is available in 4 different bottles of 60, 250, 500 ml and 1 liters, and they respectively cost 19,80 euro, 27,50 euro, 40,70 euro and 71,50 euro. The liter bottle is much more convenient, but we suggest the 500 ml bottle.

How will we use it?

As you know we didn’t reach maturation yet, and this phase is taking much longer than we thought, so we’re looking forward to use it with BactoReef and Microfauna Booster.

For further informations you can visit Daphbio‘s website here.

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