Daphbio BactoReef: innovative bacteria by DaphBio

Daphbio BactoReef: batteri innovativi da DaphBio e codice sconto!

Daphbio proposes the new bacteria BactoReef, high quality bacteria to colonize and keep the aquarium in perfect efficiency.

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We learnt to know Daphbio in the last months and we’re successfully using some of their products in our aquarium. We tested microfauna and meiofauna eggs (here) and then microfauna booster (here), and today we’re going to talk about the best known and most successful product, BactoReef.

BactoReef bacteria, like the other bacteria, can be used to start the aquarium or to maintain it in case of problems. The difference, in this case, is made by a completely natural formuation, which contains anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, living and diversified, enzymes and nitrifiers and denitrifiers microorganisms. So, a group of bacteria, enzymes and microorganisms, not only bacteria, as someone could expect at first sight.

It’s preferable to do the dosing with a syringe, not in dotation. The suggested dosing is 1 ml every 100 liters every day. So the package of 250 ml in a 400 liters aquarium, like mine, should last a little more than 6 months. You have to keep in the product in the fridge if you don’t plan to use it within 6 months. The product has to be shaken before the use.

Tre confezioni di BactoReef a confronto
Three packages of BactoReef in comparison

Our video about BactoReef

As usual we shoot a video to present the product better. The explanation of its use focuses on the biological cycle that we’re going to deepen. The video is in italian, but you can turn the English subs on.

Daphbio BactoReef is sold in packages of 60, 250, 500 ml and1 liter. The packages cost 19,80, 31,90, 53,90 and 97,90 euro respectively. The liter package is more convenient. If you’re going to use it more a long time the liter is perfect for you. Otherwise, if it’s your first try and you want to test the benefits you can start with 250 ml. At the first time you can try the smallest one, then you could buy the 1 liters packages, if the sizes of your aquarium allows to use BactoReef for enough time.

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