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PlanctonTech tour – a pure spectacle into the Phytoplankton world

During the last PetsFestival 2022 (our editorial here) we were able to visit Roberto Ferri at Planctontech headquarters. This article is also available in: Italiano We...

Microfauna Booster: the turbo by Daphbio for our marine aquarium

Microfauna booster is a special "accelerant" for our aquarium. Articolo scritto anche in italiano cliccando qui.

Aquarium plankton – mistakes in the use of phytoplankton supplement

In the past article of this short series we illustrated two of the main features of plankton, size and classification (read here). We can...

Phytoplankton – algae species, cultures and results

We already covered in previous articles the benefits of phytoplankton and zooplankton supplement in a reef aquarium, and how to build them up in...

Plankton – zooplankton and phytoplankton – getting to know them

In this second section I will refer to the particulate components that are produced by the rising deep currents, this component we call Plankton. This article...

The global seas nutrient cycle: a better understanding of its...

The earth surface is 71% covered by salt water and as we all know, between the parallels above and below the equator up to...

Zoomark 2011: Aquamedic and PlanctonTech

Our tour inside the Zoomark, or better inside Hall 19, started at the stand of ReefInternational where there were two major brands, Aquamedic that...

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