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External filter Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 for aquariums – preview


It’s the first time we try on an external filter, that suits better fresh water aquaristic rather than marine. And we star with the beautiful external filter Oase Biomaster Thermo 600.

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I instinctively recall my first marine aquarium, in 2001. That aquarium had two esternal filters, without sump and skimmer. From that time many things have changed and this filter it’s the proof.

It’s very easy to open and watertight, so you won’t soak all around when you do the maintenance. It has a pump system so you don’t have to suck the water from the outside. It’s complete with any accessory you can imagine: a heater thermostat of 300 watt, pre-filtering sponges of 45 ppi, a filter of 6 parts and one of which is an orange sponge Biomaster of 30 ppi and 3 are biomaster blue of 20 ppi. In this way the filtration gradually blocks smaller and smaller particles. And in the end the substratum with bacteria is formed by two bags of Hel-X 13 Biomedia of 800 ml. Also pipes, diffusers, connectors, are included, with any other accessory necessary to get it operating.

But now let’s the main characteristics of this beautiful filter.

Technical characteristics of the external filter Oase Biomaster Thermo 600

Suggested aquarium volume600 l
Sizes24x24x48 cm
Electric consumption22 watt
Electric cable1,50 m
Maximum flow rate1.250 l/h
Hydraulic head1,80 m
Filtering volume6,8 l
Pre-filtering volume0,6 l
Heater power300 w
Price256,25 euro
Materiali filtranti filtro Oase Biomaster Thermo 600

This modular construction helps us in the assembling of the filtering materials.

The filter is suggested, although with different uses, both for marine and fresh water aquariums. In the first case you can manage a simple acquarium without hard corals, in the second case you can easily handle a fresh water aquarium until 6000 liters.

It has a practical handle to carry it, in the picture above you can also see the filtering system, with the two blue levers close to the unhooking plate, the two pipes for the entry and the exit of the water and the pump (manual) system for the trigger of the filter itself, that also serves as pre-filter as we can see from the following picture.

So, we just have to try it in aquarium to measure flow rate, hydraulic head, consumption and noise and register these data in order to make a comparison with the filters that will come.

For now we can say that the Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 has the following characteristics:

  • Reference values: 1.125 lxm/h
  • Cost per filtering volume: 34,6 euro per liter

It’s up to us to collect the data and share them with you.

Do you already have this in your aquariums? How many liters do you have? Let us know, so that we can add you experiences in our review.

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