Rossmont Riser RX 5000 – review – the power we missed

Our comments

As we are usual to remember an adjustable pump is the best thing you can have in sump, for a lot of reasons. The possibility to change the power to make it adapt to the conditions of the aquarium is the best .

Riser gives the possibility to set the pump and thanks to this you can change the water without switching off the return pump and this is a great comfort. Moreover, you can feed the corals eliminating any time of flow in aquarium. And know that you can activate this mode through your tablet or smartphone, or even through apple watch or similar devices.

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava

The conclusions page is rich of material, thanks to the comparison with other pump we tested.

Comparison with other pumps

Comparison with other pumps leads us to very interesting conclusions. The other pumps we tested are Eheim, Hydor, Tunze, Sicce, Corallinea, Waveline and Ecotech Marine, whose data are in the following chart. You can find all of them in our page of reviews . They’re ordered by the reference value of the pump, that’s the product of the flow rate for the hydraulic head divided by two. In this way the area between the two sizes is obtained. We think this is the only way to compare similar pumps. If the reference value is very different, we believe that the pumps aren’t comparable.

PumpHydraulic headFlow rateReference valueConsumptionPriceEfficiencyEconomic EfficiencyAnnual Cost
Eheim 1250195 cm1205 l/h117523.8 w98 €50.6 l/h*w12.3 l/h*€56 €
Sicce Syncra 3296 cm2375 l/h 351542.3 w 100 € 56.1 l/h*w 23.7 l/h*€ 100 €
Rossmont Riser RX 3200281 cm2766 l/h 388653.7 w 115 € 51.5 l/h*w 24 l/h*€ 127 €
Eheim 1260350 cm 2434 l/h 426062.1 w 155 € 32.2 l/h*w 15.7 l/h*€ 147 €
Tunze 1073.50436 cm 2143 l/h 467238.8 w 180 € 55.2 l/h*w 11.9 l/h*€ 92 €
Sicce Syncra 4380 cm 3709 l/h 704794 w 160 € 39.5 l/h*w 23.2 l/h*€ 222 €
Corallinea BQ5000404 cm 3504 l/h 707883.2 w 120 € 42.1 l/h*w 29.2 l/h*€ 197 €
Rossmont Riser RX 5000364 cm 4128 l/h 751383.7 w 145 € 49.3 l/h*w 28.5 l/h*€ 198 €
Waveline DC6000392 cm 4008 l/h 785750.2 w 283 € 79.7 l/h*w 14.1 l/h*€ 119 €
Hydor Seltz D6000450 cm 4194 l/h 943753 w 125 € 79.1 l/h*w 33.5 l/h*€ 125 €
Ecotech Marine Vectra M1610 cm 4944 l/h 1508089.5 w 399 € 55.1 l/h*w 12.3 l/h*€ 212 €

In the chart figure also the last six variable flow pumps, the Tunze 1073.50 (review), the Corallinea BQ5000 (review), the Waveline DC6000 (review), the Vectra M1 (review), the Rossmont Riser 3200 (review) and the Hydor Seltz D6000 (review).

Looking at the chart you can see that, from the economic point of view, that is the generated flow rate per euro, the RX 5000 is one of the most convenient pumps with its 28.5 l/h per euro. Technically speaking, considering its maximum values, the Waveline DC6000 wins by an inch over the Hydor Seltz D6000, but this Riser is at the third place. So, if the values you’re searching for match with this pump, as you can verify with our calculator, you’ve found what you need. Also, you know that in any time you can adjust this pump with the Waver.

Relationship with the declared data

Now let’s see the relationship with the data declared from the builder.

Hydraulic head

pump hydraulic head measurement difference
Rossmont Riser RX 5000360 cm364 cm+ 1,1 %

The hydraulic head as we have measured has an insignificant difference. The Riser keeps its promises.

Flow rate

pump Flow rate measurement difference
Rossmont Riser RX 50005.000 l/h4.128 l/h– 17,4 %

The difference between measured and declared flow rate is slightly over the 17%. A noticeable result considering the great difference seen with other pumps.

Energy consumption

pumpconsumption measurement difference
Rossmont Riser RX 500070 w83,7 w+ 19,6 %

The consumption is about the 20%. We sure have to consider it, even if in practice the energy efficiency remains pretty high.

Closeness to the declared data

Finally, as a term of comparison, we can use a match value on the base of the declared data for flow rate, hydraulic head and consumption.

pump hydraulic head flow rate consumption Final value (absolute)
Rossmont Riser RX 5000101,1 %82,6 %119,6%88 %

If you want to know if the pump faces your case I suggest you to take a look at this articles:


The reference value of the Rossmont Riser RX 5000 at its maximum power is about 7.857 l*m/h, where the declared reference value is 9.000, there is a moderate loss of the 13%. Remember that the reference value is the area between the values of flow rate and hydraulic head, exemplified by their maximums. So we’re going to do this operation: (flow rate x hydraulic head)/2.

The loss of the 13% actually is a good value given the fact that all its competitors do a lot worse.

In opening we wrote “the power we missed”, and we want to confirm it. The little sister RX 3200 that we tested last year, even if it was a good pump, lacked in that great power that aquariums bigger than 300 liters ask for. With this pump the gap has been filled. It not only is perfect, but it also has a backup of power that can be used. Moreover, you can also use it jointly with the Waver and benefiting from this additional feature.

Anyway, we have to consider what the pump obtained, not what it meant to obtain. In fact we have to choose our pump wondering if what has been measured matches our needs, maybe being also a little cheaper. Sure we have to consider that if you want to obtain the possibility to set the pump you have to add the cost of the Waver.

Rossmont Riser RX 5000 - recensione - la potenza che mancava


Great performances and close to the declared data
Adjustable pump on every value of flow rate among the available
Very well built
Very silent
The calibration can stop the exchange of water between tank and sump


High price with the optional Waver
Consumption higher than declared, and high value in absolute

Disclaimer: We thank Rossmont for giving us the Rossmont Riser RX 5000 for this review.

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Final Thoughts

The Rossmont Riser RX 5000 is an adjustable pump with performances very close to the declared values and finally with respectable absolute values. Normally it works at 220V and is not adjustable but it is enough to buy the optional Waver module to change everything completely. Recommended.

Overall Score 4.1